If you want to update your cabinets with a fresh coat of paint, the first step is to select a kitchen cabinet color. Whether you want a major change or a subtle shift, you know this decision is big. It will not only impact the look and feel of your entire kitchen but also influence your mood and quality of life. 

So when it comes to choosing the right kitchen cabinet color for any style, where do you even begin? After all, you want to select a color you’ll love today and in a few years. Plus, you want to ensure it flows with the rest of your home while offering a fresh yet timeless look. 

It’s a lot to achieve with one little color. To help you in the process, start with these tips.

Tip #1: Select the right kitchen cabinet color for the size of your space. 

Is your kitchen large, small, or somewhere in between? This is a key factor to consider when choosing a kitchen cabinet color. 

If you have a large kitchen, you have more choices and can go light or dark. Dark cabinets look striking, add warmth, and define the space, while light cabinets offer an airy and bright aesthetic. 

For smaller kitchens, though, dark colors absorb light and can make a cramped space seem even tighter. That’s why opting for a lighter color is a smart move. If you paint your cabinets a dark color, your kitchen will feel more compact, especially if there isn’t much lighting. 

Tip #2: Know the vibe you want to achieve with your kitchen cabinet paint color. 

Do you want a sophisticated, elegant kitchen, a sunny and bright space, or a more modern, fresh feel? The vibe you want to achieve with your kitchen cabinet color is important to consider. There are endless options, from white and black to green, blue, red, greige, yellow, and more. Each color will produce a different effect. 

Many studies show that colors have emotional impacts that influence feelings and moods. If you have a particular vibe you want to achieve, it’s important to know the color that best aligns with or produces it. 

For instance, gray can lead to a feeling of calmness, while red is stimulating and adds a pop of visual interest. Blue, on the other hand, can add a sense of drama when it’s a darker shade. When it’s lighter, though, it produces a clean, fresh feel. Yellow is light and invigorating in bright hues, and warm and soothing in more subtle shades. 

Alternatively, white is always a timeless kitchen cabinet color and can provide a neutral backdrop to add color elsewhere in your kitchen. It also blends well with any style of home, from traditional and transitional to modern and contemporary. 

Tip #3: Look at the style of your kitchen. 

If your kitchen is ultramodern, cream or ivory might not be the best choice for blending with a more contemporary space. However, these colors are perfect in a traditional kitchen. For modern spaces, white or bold tones work well. 

If you don’t plan to make any changes to the rest of your kitchen, you’ll also need to factor in the color of your walls, floors, and countertops. If you have white walls and a white floor, white cabinets will blend in and appear bland. Instead, consider adding some color to your kitchen cabinets. Even a light gray or blue will offer beautiful contrast. 

Alternatively, if your floor, walls, and counters are dark, a dark paint color on your cabinets will make your kitchen feel cramped. In this case, paint your cabinets a lighter shade.

Tip #4: Bring samples into the space.

Do not underestimate the power of seeing a cabinet paint color in your actual kitchen. The lighting, as well as other colors in the space, will have a major impact on the appearance of each sample. You might love one color in the store and be disappointed by it when you get it home. 

In addition, once you’ve narrowed down your selections to three or four top contenders, it’s a good idea to paint a small block of each color on your wall. This will help you make a color decision you feel confident about.

Tip #5: Work with an expert.

When you work with a professional to handle your kitchen cabinet painting job, they can guide you through the process and explain the pros and cons of different colors as they relate to your unique space. They can also take some of the stress out of the decision-making process, so you end up with a kitchen cabinet color that is welcoming, inspiring, and in line with your style. 

Keep in mind that you should choose the kitchen cabinet color you love – one that makes you feel comfortable, relaxed, and happy. Only then will you truly achieve the kitchen upgrade and transformation you want, allowing you to enjoy spending time in the space.

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