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Key Benefits of the N-Hance Approach to Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

With high prices on just about everything these days, you want to spend your remodeling dollars wisely. If you want a new look in your kitchen at a cost that’s more affordable, consider refacing your kitchen cabinets.  At N-Hance®, we offer cabinet refacing services that are a fraction of the cost of fully replacing your […]

Gray Kitchen Cabinets: Our New Favorite Neutral!

While white kitchen cabinets have always had a huge following, there’s a new color in town. Gray kitchen cabinets are becoming increasingly popular for many homeowners who want a sophisticated and versatile neutral.  Whether you prefer a modern, sleek aesthetic, or a warmer, more traditional vibe, gray can deliver. Here’s a look at a few […]

Kitchen Cabinet Organizers Help Your Small Kitchen Feel Bigger

When you have a small kitchen, it can get cluttered fast. But you don’t have to live with perennially packed cabinets and drawers or messy countertops. There is a simple solution that cuts down on chaos, provides more space, and increases cabinet functionality. Using kitchen cabinet organizers will get your cabinets in shape while making […]

Do Painted Kitchen Cabinets Last?

When you notice chips, scratches, or signs of wear and tear, repainting your kitchen cabinets offers an affordable solution. But before you go out to gather painting supplies, keep this in mind: While DIY cabinet painting can save you money upfront, you might end up forfeiting the durable, smooth finish that you would get with […]

Cabinet Door Replacement Makes Updating Your Kitchen Affordable

Whether you just bought a new home or have been in the same residence for decades, your kitchen is where you probably spend the most time. Yet, if your cabinets are old, dated, or dinged up, it can take away from your enjoyment of the space. The good news? There are alternatives to expensive kitchen […]

6 Tips for Decluttering Kitchens and Using Shelf Organizers

Now that spring has sprung, it’s a great time to organize your kitchen and maximize the space you have. With shelf organizers and other cabinet storage solutions, your kitchen will look neat and tidy, and it will be easier to cook, gather, and enjoy quality time with your family.  You also won’t waste time searching […]

Finding Inspiration for White Kitchen Cabinets

When it comes to white kitchen cabinets, you can’t go wrong. Whether your home is sleek and modern, rustic and warm, traditional and elegant, or transitional and eclectic, white cabinets can complement any aesthetic.  White also makes spaces appear larger by reflecting light, making white cabinets ideal for smaller kitchens. White also offers a blank […]

Do I Need to Sand When Repainting Kitchen Cabinets?

Repainting your kitchen cabinets sounds simple in theory. However, before you even pick up a paintbrush, you need to take some critical steps. One of them involves sanding.  Yet, when you ask professional painters about whether you need to sand or not, you’ll get different answers. Some cabinet painting pros say yes, while others believe […]

Our Favorite Cabinet Painting Projects! Get Inspired!

If you’re planning for a cabinet painting project, there are countless different colors and ideas to explore, which can make getting started a bit overwhelming. N-Hance® can help!  As experienced cabinet makeover specialists, we have a range of go-to colors and design options that will help your kitchen stand out while remaining timeless. Sometimes all […]

7 Tips for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

You can lighten and brighten your kitchen or add a touch of drama or elegance to the space in an affordable way simply by painting your kitchen cabinets. In fact, compared to a full cabinet replacement, cabinet painting is relatively inexpensive, delivering more bang for the buck.  That being said, there are a few tips […]