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How N-Hance Compares to Traditional Cabinet Painting

At N-Hance®, customers often ask us about what makes our custom color finishes unique from traditional cabinet painting. The short answer is, “a lot.” But that doesn’t tell you much about the distinct benefits of our custom finishes — like superior durability, consistency, and personalization — or how we achieve these benefits. To give you […]

How to Refinish Kitchen Cabinets Without Dust or Fumes

If you’re getting ready to refinish kitchen cabinets, you may be worried about indoor air pollution. Traditional refinishing involves sanding down the wood and applying a solvent-based finish. This produces wood dust and toxic fumes, both of which can trigger short-term illness or increase your risk of chronic health conditions. But thanks to modern refinishing […]

The Eco-Friendly Benefits of Cabinet Refinishing

At N-Hance®, we’re conscious of the environmental impact of our classic cabinet refinishing process. When done right, refinishing is one of the eco-friendliest ways to maintain the beauty and integrity of wooden cabinets. Unfortunately, many homeowners choose to reface or replace their cabinets when refinishing would accomplish the job just as well. Even when homeowners […]

Refinishing Old Kitchen Cabinets? How to Choose a Refinisher

For professional refinishers, there are few jobs more satisfying than refinishing old kitchen cabinets. Even with a worn-down finish, hardwood cabinets possess a unique charm, with built-to-last quality and craftsmanship. Professional refinishing allows their beauty to really shine through, revealing a classic look that modern cabinets fail to capture. If you’re thinking about refinishing old [&...

How to Save Kitchen Cabinets: Restoration vs. Replacement

Over time, kitchen cabinets can take a beating. Bumps and scrapes lead to scratches and scuffs. Water and food juices result in unsightly stains. And after years of use, the cabinet finish wears away, leaving the wood looking dull and unattractive. At that point, you need to decide between kitchen cabinet restoration or replacing your […]

Hardwood Restoration vs. Refinishing: What’s the Difference?

One of the most frequent questions that N-Hance® technicians hear from homeowners is whether their floors need to be replaced, restored, or refinished. While replacement is rarely necessary, there’s an important distinction between hardwood restoration and refinishing. From a homeowner’s perspective, this distinction can affect the level of disruption and overall expense of your project. [&he...

19 Ideas for Cabinet Transformations in 2019

With the new year just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to start planning a big kitchen remodel. If you’re already dreaming of new kitchen cabinets, N-Hance® has the inspiration you need. Below, we’ve collected our top 19 ideas for kitchen cabinet transformations in 2019. On-Trend Cabinet Transformations Cabinet Faces There’s no bolder cabinet […]

7 Key Benefits of N-Hance Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Services

N-Hance® kitchen cabinet refinishing services provide homeowners with an easy way to renew old kitchen cabinets. But unlike traditional refinishing services, our refinishing process offers a number of unique advantages. While most refinishers continue to use traditional methods, materials, and equipment, N-Hance offers a state-of-the-art alternative. Our one-of-a-kind process is based around our ...

7 Common Mistakes on DIY Wood Floor Restoration Projects

No other type of floors has the unique combination of beauty, warmth, and comfort provided by hardwood floors. Yet over time, hardwood can take a beating. Even with the utmost care and cleaning, hardwood floors will lose their luster and color through routine use. At that point, you’ll need to think about your options for […]

Signs of Amateur vs. Professional Cabinet Refinishing

If you have cabinets in need of refinishing, you have couple different options to choose from. On the one hand, you could take a do-it-yourself approach, tackling the job on your own or with help from family or friends. Or you could opt for professional cabinet refinishing, either from a traditional refinishing service or from […]

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