When you reface cabinets, you have the chance to bring new life and energy into your kitchen. Even if you prefer a subdued and understated cooking space, a little bit of visual flair can go a long way on a refacing project.

For inspiration, here are seven ways that you can bring a spark of creativity into a refacing project.

1. Reface Cabinets in a Unique Style

Today, most homeowners who reface cabinets opt for a restrained or minimalist style. This could mean installing Shaker-style doors or choosing traditional doors with low-key millwork. But if you’re looking for ways to make your cabinets unique, you can start by going with a unique style of door. 

It might take a little more work to find an off-the-beaten path style, but if you put in the legwork, you’ll have a wide range of options to choose from, including doors with geometric millwork, metal inset panels, or reclaimed wood. You can also go in the other direction, eschewing ornate details for minimalist cabinets with sleek flat-front doors.

2. Use Glass-Panel Doors on Upper Cabinets

If you reface cabinets, you have the chance to open up your kitchen with the use of glass-panels doors. Glass is a popular choice for upper cabinets that store glassware and servingware, since it allows you to showcase these dishes when they’re not in use. It’s a particularly smart option for anyone who’s taken the time to compile a set of gorgeous dishware.

3. Add Sections of Open Shelving

Another great way to open up your kitchen cabinets is to leave the doors off entirely, converting a section of cabinets into open shelving. (If you have the room, an alternative option is to add a completely new section with open shelves.) Once again, this has the appeal of showing off gorgeous dishware. However, it also has the disadvantage of adding new areas to dust.

Note: Should you choose to add glass-panel doors or open shelves, you can add a splash of panache to the insides of your cabinets by using this space for a bold accent color or backing it with a striking style of wallpaper.

4. Introduce Eye-Catching Hardware

If you’re going to reface cabinets, replacing staid and old-fashioned doors, you may as well do the same for your cabinet hardware. Door handles and drawer pulls do a lot to set the tone in your kitchen, similar to the way a smart tie or a chic pair of earrings set the tone for an outfit. Taking the time to find the right material, color, and shape for your hardware will do a lot to define and accentuate your kitchen’s aesthetic.

5. Opt for Multi-Tone Cabinetry

Today, many homeowners choose a two-tone look for their cabinets, painting their kitchen island one color and the rest of their cabinets another, or painting their base cabinets and upper cabinets in contrasting colors. But there are other creative ways to introduce a multi-tone color scheme when you reface cabinets. For example, you could paint your cabinet shells one color, then paint the doors another. Or you could opt for two-tone doors, with inset areas painted in a complementary color. 

6. Under-Cabinet or In-Cabinet Lighting

Remodeling your cabinets is a great opportunity to add new lighting sources to your kitchen. Under-cabinet lighting is a fantastic way to improve visibility on kitchen countertops, making food prep easier and safer. And if you’re already installing glass-panel doors or open shelving, you can install in-cabinet lighting to illuminate these areas.

7. Apply a Specialty Finish

One of the best ways to add visual appeal when you reface cabinets is by requesting a specialty finish. While standard finishes achieve a consistent, unvarying appearance, a specialty finish can give each door a unique look, achieve a certain mood, and accentuate cabinet contours.

When you reface cabinets with N-Hance, you can choose a standard finish, like gloss, satin, or matte. Or you can opt for a specialty look such as glazed, antiqued, or torched finish.

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