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Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets? Choose a Mood Boosting Color

When you walk into your kitchen, how does it make you feel? If the cabinets aren’t your style, it can actually impact your mood. You might avoid spending time in the space and even feel less energetic when you are there. The good news is that by refinishing your kitchen cabinets, you can turn the […]

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing: A Home Improvement that Delivers Returns

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve spent a lot more time at home this past year. Over the course of these long pandemic months, it’s easy to start noticing areas in your home that need an upgrade, like your cabinets. Kitchen cabinet refacing is a great place to start. You can get cabinets that look […]

What is Cabinet Refacing? Common Questions Answered

If you’d like to make a big change in your kitchen without breaking the bank, cabinet refacing can be the answer. Whether your cabinets are old, dated, or worn out, it’s an ideal choice as long as they are structurally sound.  But what exactly does the process entail and what considerations should you take before […]

How Do You Paint Cabinets? All Your Cabinet Painting Questions Answered

The thought of getting beautifully painted cabinets makes your heart flutter. However, getting there is a big process, one filled with potential missteps. How can you tackle the cabinet painting process yourself and end up with flawless results? Here are answers to 10 commonly asked questions about the job: Should You Paint Wood Cabinets?  It’s […]

Can N-Hance Help with Cabinet Restoration?

You love the beauty and charm of hardwood cabinets. However, yours are scuffed, damaged or just looking tired, taking away from the visual appeal of your kitchen space. How can you get them looking like new without breaking the bank? With cabinet restoration from N-Hance®.  In fact, our speciality is transforming old cabinets so they […]

Ask N-Hance Pro Cabinet Painters: Should Kitchen & Bath Cabinets Match?

Choosing one cabinet paint color is tricky enough. However, when you’re painting your kitchen and bathroom, it can seem overwhelming to decide on multiple ones. Do colors have to be in the same family? Is it easier to just paint them both one color? Or can you just pick whatever happens to feel right for […]

Can Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Boost Your Home’s Value?

It’s a New Year! Is selling your home one of your resolutions? If it is, then you might be looking for ways to increase its value – before you list it – without breaking the bank. One project that’s affordable and can make a world of difference is kitchen cabinet refacing.  When you take advantage […]

Cabinet Refacing Tips: How to Mix & Match with Hardwood Floors

If you’re planning to reface your kitchen cabinets, you have many possibilities to choose from. Thanks to modern technology, you can select from a rainbow of colors.  However, in order to create an aesthetic you love, you need to take into account other elements around your cabinets. This includes your floors. If they’re hardwood, how […]

How the Cabinet Painters at N-Hance Approach the Job Differently

Your cabinets get a lot of use every day. It’s, therefore, easy for them to become chipped, worn or faded. If that’s the case, it’s time to consider hiring cabinet painters.  Why choose the ones at N-Hance® for the job? Because not all cabinet painters are created equal.  At N-Hance, we approach cabinet painting differently […]

5 Color Trends in Kitchen Cabinet Refacing

The kitchen is the heart of the home with the cabinets being front and center in them. If you don’t love yours, or they’re chipped, worn out, or damaged from use, consider kitchen cabinet refacing.  This will allow you to get a space that looks like new for a fraction of the cost of a […]