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Why Kitchen Cabinet Refacing is More Sustainable Than Reclaiming Wood

When you want a unique look in your kitchen, using reclaimed wood to replace the cabinets often seems like a dramatic and eco-friendly choice. While this approach certainly offers both style and character, it’s not as easy on the planet as you think. In fact, other solutions, like kitchen cabinet refacing, provide a greener alternative. […]

6 Ways Refacing Cabinets Can Improve Your Kitchen

When you want to make a change with your cabinets, you have two options: ripping them out or repainting them, right? Actually, wrong. The reality is there’s a third choice. Refacing cabinets gives you the best of both worlds. If you’re not familiar with the term, cabinet refacing is simply the process of replacing your […]

6 Ways Cabinet Painters can Make a Big Splash in Your Kitchen with White

If you’re looking to hire cabinet painters to make a dramatic change in your kitchen, one of the biggest decisions involves the color. There are so many fads and trends, plus more classic selections to consider. It can be overwhelming and difficult to know which direction to head in. It’s why so many homeowners keep […]

Reface Your Cabinets and Warm Up Your Kitchen for Fall

With autumn in full swing, there’s a chill in the air. Inside, you want your kitchen to feel warm and cozy, offsetting the weather outside. If your space is less-than-inviting, cold, or stark, how can you transform it without taking money from your holiday gift-buying budget? The answer’s easy when you reface cabinets. Why Reface […]

Tips for Selecting a Cabinet Paint Color in Your Bathroom

When you’re in the process of making home renovation decisions, sometimes the smallest spaces – like the bathroom – are the hardest to figure out. What colors should you choose for this compact yet critical room when you’re shopping for new cabinet paint colors?  By following a few simple tips, you can make the best […]

How to Tell if Refacing Kitchen Cabinets is the Right Choice

When it comes to kitchen renovations, every decision is a big one. Before you make a move, it’s therefore important to spend some time exploring all your options. One of them involves refacing kitchen cabinets. Should you reface or replace?  Here are some ways you can decide which option is the best for your specific […]

Cabinet Transformations: Should Kitchen & Bath Cabinets Match?

If your kitchen or bathroom cabinets are worn-out, damaged, or dated, then a cabinet transformation is the answer. However, when you’re making decisions about color and style, do both rooms need to match?  This is a common question without one right answer. Yet, there are a few factors to keep in mind to ensure the […]

Cabinet Refacing Cost: What Affects the Cost of Your Project

If you’re thinking about renovations in your kitchen, cabinets will often eat up the biggest part of your budget. They’re the workhorse of the space, after all, so you need quality, beauty and durability. The good news is if you choose cabinet refacing, costs will be far lower than a full replacement.  But by how […]

Hate the Cabinets Under Your Granite Countertops? Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Is the Answer

You love your granite countertops. The problem is down below with the cabinets. They’re old, ugly or worn-out. What can you do? Kitchen cabinet refacing provides the solution. Below are some frequently asked questions about this service.  What is Kitchen Cabinet Refacing? Kitchen cabinet refacing is a process during which the drawer fronts and doors […]

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