The presence of bacteria is a serious problem in the typical American kitchen. Many of us instinctively believe that if our kitchen looks clean, then it’s safe for food preparation. What we forget is that bacteria, including dangerous contagions, are invisible to the human eye. That’s why N-Hance® developed Lightspeed Plus™, a kitchen cabinet refinishing top coat that gives cabinets an anti-microbial finish.

When you choose kitchen cabinet refinishing with Lightspeed Plus™, your cabinets will be cured using a special UV finishing process. This process will create a barrier that protects your cabinets against foodborne bacteria, inhibiting 99% of bacteria growth.* This way, your cabinet doors won’t harbor secret bacteria, even when they appear clean to the naked eye.

Why Choose Anti-Microbial Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing?

No other room in your home represents a greater risk of infection than your kitchen. While your bathrooms may have a higher rate of bacteria per square inch, your kitchen is likely close behind. More importantly, your kitchen is the room where you’re preparing — and often eating — meals. If food becomes contaminated by kitchen bacteria, you and your family could be at serious risk of foodborne illness.

How big is this risk? More substantial than you might think. About 9% of all food poisoning cases originate in home kitchens. Meanwhile, the CDC estimates that 48 million Americans contract a foodborne illness annually. This means that more than 4 million people in the U.S contract food poisoning due to kitchen bacteria every year.

While cabinets aren’t the only place in the kitchen that harbors bacteria, they to tend to be a magnet for certain types of germs. Over time, cabinet doors tend to build a thin layer of grime, which is caused by airborne particles of cooking oil. This layer of oils creates an ideal surface for bacteria. And while everyone knows to disinfect their kitchen countertops after cooking, most of us fail to regularly disinfect our cabinets. This gives bacteria a “home free” zone: a place where germs can thrive without threat of interference.

To solve this issue, you could clean and disinfect cabinets after every meal. But few of us have the time or energy to do so. Or you could choose kitchen cabinet refinishing services from N-Hance and take advantage of our Lightspeed Plus™ product.

Lightspeed Plus™ uses specialized UV technology to cure your cabinets, giving the surface an anti-microbial, bacteria-resistant finish. This finish reduces bacteria growth by 99%, fighting contagions like E. Coli, Staph, and other bacteria.* Our kitchen cabinet refinishing process also encapsulates cabinet seams, which makes cabinets easier to clean and less likely to trap germs.

The result? A more sanitary surface for your kitchen cabinets, without the hassle of daily disinfection.

Other Advantages of Lightspeed Plus™ Cabinet Refinishing

The anti-microbial finish, Lightspeed Plus™, is just one of the many advantages to our kitchen cabinet refinishing process. By choosing Lightspeed Plus™, you’ll also enjoy the following important benefits:

  • Fast. Our Lightspeed system uses UV light to cure cabinets instantly, allowing us to complete your kitchen cabinet refinishing project in as little as one or two days.
  • Attractive. Kitchen cabinet refinishing with Lightspeed Plus™ results in a beautiful finish for your cabinets. We offer matte, satin, semi-gloss, and gloss finishes, as well as recoloring options.
  • Durable. The finish created by the Lightspeed Plus™ is highly rated for its durability and hardness, protecting your cabinets against scuffs, scratches, and stains.
  • Eco-Friendly. Lightspeed Plus™ produces few volatile organic compounds (VOCs), making it an eco-friendly choice that is safe for people and pets.

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* Based on results from an independent lab using Lightspeed Plus™™ anti-microbial U.V. finish.