As with any remodeling project, refacing cabinets is a lot easier if it’s done at the right time of year. That’s especially true for working families, who need to find time between work and school schedules to make refacing possible.

At N-Hance® we’ve found the back-to-school season of September and October to be an ideal time for replacing cabinet doors and refacing cabinets.

Kids are at school, away from safety hazards and busy contractors. Families are already adjusting to new routines, so you can build fresh habits in your new-look kitchen. Meanwhile, the holidays are still a safe distance away, taking the stress out of cabinet refacing.

Refacing Cabinets During Back-to-School Season

Children Out of the House

Refacing cabinets — like other remodeling projects — can be harder with kids around. While refacing leads to less disruption and debris compared to other renovations, it still turns your home into a work site. And a worksites no place for children.

Trying to reface your cabinets over the summer break can result in several headaches. And that’s especially true with young children at home. Loose tools, plastic sheeting, and unsecured hardware can pose safety hazards for young children. So can contractors who are walking in and out of your home, especially if they’re carrying materials or equipment.

By refacing cabinets during the fall, you don’t need to worry about these hazards. You also don’t need to worry about kids interfering with contractors’ work. Instead, your kids can go to school in the morning, you can go to work, and the team refacing your cabinets can work without distraction or disruption.

New School Year, New Kitchen, New You

Refaced cabinets can transform the look and feel of your kitchen. And if you’re refacing cabinets at the same time as other remodeling jobs — like new countertops or a fresh backsplash — your kitchen will feel like a completely new space. And that can change the way you use your kitchen for the better.

Whether you want to spend more time making home-cooked meals, try out new and exciting recipes, or simply do a better job of tidying and cleaning your kitchen, a new-look kitchen can inspire other positive changes.

And by refacing cabinets around back-to-school season, you can help make these changes stick. When you switch from summer break to the school year, you switch from one set of habits and routines to another. This period of disruption is the perfect time to introduce and reinforce new habits  since it’s harder to fall back into your previous routines.

Get Ready for Holiday Season

If you regularly host friends and family for the holidays, refacing cabinets is a smart and cost-effective way to freshen up your space. A new set of cabinet doors — in a new style and a new color — will make a big impression on your guests and look great in family photos.

Ideally, though, you’ll want to reface your cabinets well before the holiday season arrives. By refacing cabinets in September or early October, you’ll have time to adjust the look of your kitchen for the holidays. Over that time, tiny changes to your kitchen’s layout and decor will make the room feel truly yours.

At the same time, you’ll avoid the stress and potential complications of a last-minute refacing project. If you try to reface your cabinets just in time for Thanksgiving, even a relatively minor delay could leave you with a work-in-progress kitchen — a nightmare for anyone who needs to prepare a turkey dinner.

Refacing Cabinets? Choose N-Hance for A+ Results

When refacing cabinets, it’s important that you choose the right refacing service.

Today, many companies will replace cabinet doors with low-quality MDF and thermofoil doors. They then coat cabinet boxes in matching thermofoil veneers. The results look great, at least for the first little while. But compared to higher quality materials, MDF and thermofoil are much more prone to wear and tear. And to make things worse, they’re near impossible to repair.

Our suggestion? Instead of refacing using veneers, choose N-Hance’s cabinet door replacement service.

Unlike other companies, N-Hance doesn’t use veneers to reface cabinet boxes. And we never use low-quality materials like thermofoil. Instead, we install high-quality, long-lasting doors that have been finished using N-Hance custom colors. Then, we apply a matching custom finish to the cabinet boxes.

N-Hance uses a special, oil-resistant primer for our finishes, helping our finishes withstand tough kitchen environments. Meanwhile, our finishes use a special type of acrylic formula, which is cured using our one-of-a-kind Lightspeed® system. The result is an eye-catching, rock-hard, wear-resistant finish for cabinet doors and cabinets — more attractive and more durable than cheap thermofoil veneers.

Thinking of refacing cabinets this back-to-school season? Call N-Hance today at (855) 642-6230 to request a FREE estimate on our cabinet door replacement service.