With spring here, you might be in the mood to spruce up your home. One easy and affordable way to get there is with simple improvements. For instance, with a cabinet color change, you can refresh your cabinets or even change the stain color completely, all for a fraction of the cost of renovating, refacing, or repainting. This will give your space a whole different personality without breaking the bank. 

Not only that but by embracing your existing wood cabinets and giving them a new start, you’re choosing an option that’s timeless and also the latest trend. So, if you’re planning on selling any time in the near future – and aren’t sure which approach will give you the most return for your investment –  a simple cabinet color change that highlights the wood tones will provide you with a cost-friendly choice that appeals across ages and audiences.

When it comes to a cabinet color change that embraces the wood tones, there are a range of other benefits to consider, including:

You Can Better Enjoy the Beauty of Your Wood Cabinets     

With painted wood cabinets, the product won’t get absorbed into the wood. As a result, all those interesting grains and knots that make your cabinets special won’t be visible. You might see a bit of the grain in certain woods, but overall the imprint will get lost underneath the paint. 

On the other hand, when you stain your cabinets, whether it’s the same tone or a color change, you can enjoy the natural beauty that only comes with real wood. The products used are thinner than actual paint, so you get to see both color and texture. This makes your cabinets more visually interesting by showcasing their natural character, creating a completely distinct look.

You Can Enhance Your Home in a Budget-Friendly Way

While painting your cabinets will cost less than a total renovation that includes installing new cabinets, staining them is an even more budget-friendly solution. While the cost ultimately depends on your space, such as kitchen size and the number of cabinets, staining them rather than painting them can save you a considerable amount. 

This is typically due to the application process, which is different depending on whether you’re staining or painting. Painting requires more time and more product to get a smooth finish without the wood grain showing through. 

You Can Make Touch-Ups Easier & Less Noticeable 

Every kitchen environment, even the quietest one, is going to experience some wear and tear. In the process, cabinets can get scratched or nicked. When this happens, touching them up is easier when they are stained. While there are touch-up markers available for every kind and color of cabinet, those that are painted are typically very smooth and have a factory-like finish. It’s difficult to recreate this when you touch them up. However, when your cabinets are stained, the touch-up color generally blends in better and is less noticeable. 

When It’s Better to Paint and Not Stain 

There are some reasons to consider painting your cabinets, rather than staining them. For instance, if you have cabinets made from medium-density fiberboard (MDF), they won’t look as authentic with stain as they do with paint. However, when MDF cabinets are painted and compared to wood cabinets, it’s often hard to visually tell the difference. 

Turn to the Cabinet Color Change Experts

It’s a lot to think about and a lot to get right. That’s where N-Hance® comes in. We offer many different ways to enhance your cabinets, with each one providing beautiful results. 

With our cabinet color change service, for example, we can take your bland or dated kitchen and update the color by restaining or refinishing the cabinets. You can get a new tint, tone or shade, or stick with what you have and simply freshen it up. It’s a convenient and efficient way to breathe new life into old cabinets and into your entire kitchen. 

If, however, you’re not sure what approach to take with your cabinets, N-Hance can help. When you partner with us, we always include a consultation phase with our services. We will guide you on what will work best for your specific space, as well as provide you with color samples that can be viewed at home in your kitchen. 

You’ll also get a detailed estimate, so you know exactly what to expect without any surprises. This includes turnaround time. While the specific amount of time it takes will depend on your particular project, with N-Hance’s cabinet color change approach, we should be finished within a few days. This means less hassle for you and fewer disruptions for your family. 

If you’d like to learn more about upgrading your kitchen with our cabinet color change service, we’re a phone call away. Get a FREE estimate today by reaching out to your local N-Hance at (855) 642-6230.