Looking to infuse new life and create the illusion of more space in a small kitchen? One critical aspect is making the right cabinet color change. You can repaint your walls or upgrade your counters. But if cabinets are peeling, scratched, or old, then those differences won’t make the big impact you want.

Instead, start with a color change for your cabinets and get a kitchen that not only feels brand new but also looks more spacious. If, however, you’re not sure where to begin or which colors make the most sense for those tight spots in your home, keep these tips in mind.

Tip #1: Whites & Light Colors Are Your Friend

Whether you think of your kitchen as cramped or cozy, you want to make it appear roomy. The most effective way to do that is by choosing colors that are white or lighter.

These reflect more natural and artificial light, rather than soaking it in like dark colors tend to do, enhancing the sense of space and blurring boundaries. The end result is a kitchen that looks less confined and more open.

Worried about a lack of choices if you go white or light? There are still countless cabinet color change options. Not only are there many shades of white, but also ivory, light creams, and subtle and soft grays. Choosing one of these and changing your countertops and wall paint to the same color, but a deeper shade, will add visual interest and make the space seem larger without feeling sterile.

Tip #2: Add Some Warmth Into Your Small Space

If white isn’t for you and you want more warmth in your kitchen, then consider a color that comes from slate or natural stones, like a medium or warm brown. This will infuse a sense of coziness and earthy appeal without making your kitchen feel tight or cramped. 

Tip #3: Open Up Your Kitchen with Glass-Fronted Cabinets

If your cabinets are all fully paneled, then your kitchen can seem more enclosed and cramped, especially if it’s a smaller space. You can make it appear larger by either adding glass-paneled cabinets in strategic areas or making all of the upper-level cabinets glass-paneled. This will pull the eye away from the frames and into the cabinets making the space seem like it’s larger. 

Another trick for adding color to cabinets in a kitchen that’s small is to use glass-paneled cabinets and then paint the interior with a bright color that pops. This creates a sense of fun, personality, and charm while still opening up the room. 

However, keep in mind that once you do have glass-paneled cabinets, you’ll need to keep them well-organized and decluttered. Otherwise, your kitchen will feel crowded once again. 

Tip #4: Tie Your Cabinet Color Change to the Style of an Adjacent Room

If you have a home with an open floor plan and the kitchen is just off the living room or dining room, then consider the same or a similar color for your cabinets. This will serve to tie the two spaces together, making your kitchen seem larger. It will also help your home to flow more seamlessly, creating a sense of continuity in the process.

Tip #5: Think About Your Unique Kitchen Space & Style

Even if you have a small kitchen, that doesn’t mean you have to stay away from color to make it seem larger. It just means you need to be more strategic about it. 

For instance, think about the unique features of the space, including:

  • The amount of lighting you have 
  • The style you’re looking to achieve
  • What colors you already have in your kitchen on walls, countertops, the floor, and backsplash

If you’re not planning to make changes in any other area except your cabinets, you’ll want to choose a cabinet color that will align with what’s already there. This way, you’ll re-energize the space without making it seem too busy or overcrowded. 

Also, before you choose a color, think about your home and its overall design aesthetic. For instance, if it’s more traditional, then creamy white or ivory cabinets would be a good fit. However, if it’s on the contemporary side, bright white or dove gray could bring your vision to life better. 

Tip #6: Be Careful with Cabinet Color Changes that Are Bright or Dark 

If you have your heart set on a certain color but aren’t sure about it due to space restrictions, then use it judiciously. For instance, just change the cabinet color in your center island or for a built-in desk to that cherry red, sunny yellow, or rich black you love and then choose something more neutral or subtle for the balance of your cabinets. This way, you can make your space personalized without it seeming small. 

N-Hance is Here to Help You Make the Perfect Choice

When it comes to changing the color of your kitchen cabinets, there are so many options to consider. The possibilities are limitless, which can also be overwhelming. That’s where N-Hance® comes in. 

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With N-Hance’s cabinet color change service, we make it easy and affordable to make your small kitchen look more spacious and like new.

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