Are your cabinets looking worn out, faded, or beat up? Then it’s time for something new. But if you have dark countertops, then you need to be careful about the final selection when it comes to a cabinet color change

Choosing a color that doesn’t blend or mesh well with dark countertops, it can impact the visual flow of the space, make it seem smaller, and potentially take away from the value of your home.

What Factors to Consider in a Cabinet Color Change Project

Instead of agonizing over a choice or getting it wrong, consider these tips when you want a cabinet color change, but have dark countertops to factor in:

The Lighting in Your Space

This is an important element because it will affect how large your space appears. Lots of windows and natural light will open up your kitchen, allowing for darker color selections for your cabinets. However, if you don’t have a lot of natural or even artificial light, then you’re better off selecting a lighter option, one that will make your kitchen seem larger. 

If you do decide to go dark on dark, it can add drama, but also set a heavier mood. If that’s not the kind of feel you want in your kitchen or if you have a smaller space, then choose a lighter color.

The Amount of Foot Traffic

If you live alone, you’re going to have a lot less foot traffic and use of your cabinets than if you have a large, busy family. If your home is a busy one, with tons of action, you might want to steer clear of all-white cabinets. 

While this is generally a popular choice to contrast with dark countertops, white cabinets will show more fingerprints, dirt, and grime. This means you are probably going to be spending more time cleaning them. Instead, choose a happy medium, such as a rich ivory or soft gray. These colors allow you to keep your cabinet color change on the lighter side, without showing every fingerprint or speck of dirt. 

The Design of Your Countertops & Kitchen

If you have modern countertops, such as quartz or recycled glass, then choose a cabinet color change that is going to align with this contemporary look. Similarly, if your counters are more rustic or traditional, like granite or butcherblock, then consider a new cabinet color that is going to accent and complement what’s already in your space. 

If, however, you have dark countertops and want dark cabinets, then make sure the floors and the walls are light. This will keep those dark hues in check, so they don’t overwhelm the space. 

Cabinet Color Change Options

Now that you know what to think about before you shop around, what are some specific color combinations that work well with dark countertops? It’s always best to choose something that will contrast with your countertops, to better define the space. Today, the options are truly endless and include:

White Cabinets 

This is a classic look that is still modern and tasteful. You’ll be able to update your space in a way that keeps it timeless. It also provides a neutral, yet striking palette, against which to decorate the rest of your kitchen or bath. For instance, you can choose an accent color – such as bright yellow or green – and use that in your decor for some extra flair.

Light Blue Cabinets

If white doesn’t feel right and you want some color to personalize your cabinets, then light blue is another option that pairs well with dark counters, whether they’re black, dark gray, or brown. Just make sure the shade of blue you choose is light enough to contrast your cabinets, so the space feels open and airy.

Light Gray Cabinets

Another option for your dark countertops that is growing in popularity is a cabinet color change to gray. The great thing about gray is that it works well in so many different design aesthetics, whether your kitchen or home is classic or more contemporary. It’s soft enough to contrast your dark countertops, but still bold enough to add some individuality to your space.

Cream or Ivory Cabinets

White is a little blinding for some people. But if you want to keep your cabinets as light as possible, without choosing white, then cream or ivory provides an ideal alternative. These are timeless colors for cabinets and will offer a fresh feel, one that is completely up to date. It will also contrast your dark countertops beautifully, creating a high-end look. 

Get Expert Help with Your Cabinet Color Change Project

Clearly, you have many choices to consider when it comes to changing the color of your cabinets. If you’d like professional help, to ensure you love your final decision, N-Hance® is here to help.

We offer a different approach to cabinet color change projects, one that uses products you won’t find elsewhere, along with processes that are proprietary and unique to us. The end result is beautiful cabinets that are completed quickly and affordably.

To get there, we always provide consultation services so we can evaluate your space, discuss your lifestyle and preferences, and make recommendations for what will work best for you in terms of a cabinet color change. We also bring samples to your home so you can see them right up against your dark countertops and in your kitchen’s natural light. This will give you total confidence in your decision. With N-Hance, we can make a big color change in your kitchen, all for a fraction of the cost of new cabinets.

For more on how our cabinet color change services can work for you, call your local N-Hance at (855) 642-6230 today for a FREE estimate.