Are you itching to make a big change in your kitchen? Do you feel like your hands are tied because you don’t have the budget? N-Hance® is here for you with our cabinet door replacement service. In fact, we make it easy to update your cabinets – and the whole look and feel of your kitchen – without the cost or mess that comes with a big remodeling job. 

To help you learn about the endless options available through our cabinet door replacement services, we’ve put together some frequently asked questions. This way, you understand our offerings and all the ways we can help you get new cabinets you will love at a cost you can afford.

What is Cabinet Door Replacement? 

With N-Hance, we rely on an approach that’s a bit different than other companies. It involves refacing your cabinets with custom-made drawers and door fronts, then refinishing cabinet boxes to match.

If you have older cabinets, we can also use this as an opportunity to get rid of those unsightly exterior hinges and replace them with updated hardware and concealed hinges. This will give your cabinets and your whole kitchen a more modern feel and a higher-quality aesthetic.

What Styles are Available? 

N-Hance has many different styles available to consider for your cabinet door replacement project. Square panel cabinet doors are requested more than any other style, with shaker cabinets being the most popular. There’s also a range of other flat panel and raised panel selections, as well as cabinets with glass front panels that can be strategically placed in your kitchen to accent certain areas. 

What Wood Species Do You Recommend? 

N-Hance provides a large selection of cabinet profiles in a variety of wood species. However, it depends on whether your project includes painting cabinets or staining them. 

For instance, if you’re planning on painted cabinets, then the best wood species are those that have the right features to display the paint color. This includes a tight grain that won’t show the texture of the wood under the paint. Some examples that look beautiful with paint color include poplar, alder, birch, and soft maple. Another benefit of soft maple is that it is resistant to warping.

If, however, you’re more interested in stained cabinets, then consider a wood species that has an intricate grain pattern. It will show through the stain and make your kitchen distinct, adding a touch of both class and character in the process. Wood species that are often best for staining are those with looser wood grain that shows off both the color and natural texture. These include oak, cherry, mahogany, and pine. 

What Colors are Available? 

At N-Hance, we offer a limitless array of choices when it comes to color, especially with painted cabinets. White is always a classic choice, but black is gaining in popularity, as well. Two-toned kitchens are another rising trend, with one dominant color and another supporting, more subtle color. Blues and grays are also popular choices. 

If you’re planning on staining rather than painting, consider colors such as walnut or espresso. These are the most frequently requested and go a long way in adding richness and warmth to your kitchen. If, however, you have pine cabinets, then it’s best to choose a lighter stain color.

What Additional Design Options Do You Offer? 

In addition to deciding between the style of your cabinet doors and drawers and whether to stain or paint them, you can choose other accenting options. This includes the sheen, such as gloss, matte or satin. 

We also offer a variety of finishing techniques that can add charm or visual appeal to your cabinets. For instance, glazing, antiquing, and torching are all potential ways to make your cabinets distinct in addition to the style and color you choose. We even offer various other features and accessories, such as dovetail drawer boxes and garbage attachments. 

Why Choose N-Hance for Cabinet Door Replacement? 

With N-Hance, you truly get the best of all worlds. We can offer you a dramatic change that’s right for your lifestyle and design aesthetic. At the same time, it’s budget-friendly and high-quality. Here are just a few other ways we’re different:

  • Speed. Our cabinet door replacement service provides less hassle and disruption than a new installation and can be completed in just a matter of days, so your family can get back to your regular routine faster. 
  • Quality. Other refacers use adhesive-backed siding for the cabinet boxes; but with our approach, we actually refinish the boxes, so they look better and last longer. 
  • Cost. While our process provides a higher-quality and longer-lasting end product, it is also cost-friendly, leaving money in your budget to refinish floors, update countertops, or install a new tile backsplash. 
  • Durability. Thanks to our approach, including our LightSpeed® system, you’ll get cabinets with a factory-like finish that looks beautiful and is also resistant to chipping, moisture, scratches, and other wear.  
  • Health & Safety. Our process is non-toxic and has very little odor, making it a safe choice for your family and pets. Also, with our Lightspeed Plus™, we offer an antimicrobial UV finish that cuts bacteria growth by 99%.*

Whether you know precisely what you want or have no clear direction, N-Hance always includes a consultation phase in every project. This way, we can learn more about your space, budget, and vision, all while connecting you with the options that will be a great fit. 

Make cabinet door replacement easy with N-Hance! Call your local team at (855) 642-6230 today to request a FREE estimate.