Ready to tackle your cabinet painting project? Before you pick a color and start removing doors and drawers, you need to make a critical decision involving the tools you use. There are multiple ways you can apply your chosen paint color and not all are created equal. 

Here’s what you need to know, so you can make the right decision and get beautiful results.

Cabinet Painting with a Brush

When you think of cabinet painting, brushing on paint likely comes to mind. However, this is a tedious process that is not only slower but can yield results that aren’t top-quality. This is for the simple reason that it’s hard to paint cabinets with a brush without leaving noticeable brush strokes behind. Which means you won’t get that flawless finish you’re after with this cabinet painting project. 

The upside of approaching cabinet painting with a brush? When it comes to all the methods available to consumers, it provides the best control and adhesion. That means your paint will stick better to the surface you’re applying it to, with less of a chance for chips, fading, or peeling. 

Cabinet Painting with a Roller & a Brush    

When you’re painting cabinets, you can also use a combination approach. On the fronts and backs of drawers and doors, you can use a roller. This will apply the paint in a more smooth and even manner and is much faster than only using a paint brush. Then, use a brush for touching up small areas or for hard-to-reach spots. 

Cabinet Painting with a Sprayer

When it comes to cabinet painting, using a sprayer is the fastest approach and it will also provide that factory-like finish you’re aiming for. In fact, you can paint each side of your cabinet doors or drawers in just a few seconds and then move onto the next, cutting down on the timeframe for completion dramatically. 

Plus, from one cabinet to the next, there will be consistent-looking results without any brush strokes or drips from rollers that can catch your eye and take away from the visual appeal. 

But there is a downside to this approach. You have to prep more by taking your doors and drawers into an outside area, or masking and draping off the project site to protect floors, counters and other areas. Otherwise, it’s easy for flecks of paint to get on and damage them. 

In addition, when it comes to cabinet painting with a sprayer, you need to know what you’re doing to get the best results. If you’ve never operated an air sprayer before, then the first time shouldn’t be on your kitchen cabinets. Otherwise, you can expect a lot of drips, runs, and problems with over-spraying in one area and under-spraying in another. This will yield messy, inconsistent-looking results.

Another downside besides needing experience? When you’re using a sprayer instead of a roller and paint brush, expect to use more paint. In fact, painting with a sprayer is more expensive because it requires two to three times more paint than other methods do.

Cabinet Painting with N-Hance

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If you’d prefer to leave the tricky job of cabinet painting in the hands of professionals, and avoid all the frustration that comes with doing it yourself, let the experts at N-Hance® handle the job. Not only can we turn your project around much faster, with far fewer headaches and less hassle for you, but we also offer an approach that’s more meticulous when compared to most other cabinet painters.

For instance, we’ll clean your cabinets with a proprietary solution that ensures all the grime, wax, grease, and other build-up is thoroughly removed. This provides a completely clean surface for our team to prime.

Next, we will prime using a product designed especially for cabinets. While many cabinet painters use primers made for walls, we rely on a unique blend that is created to ensure bleed-through doesn’t happen and to provide the best paint adhesion possible.

Once we’re ready to apply your paint color, we do so in a way that is very similar to how cabinets are finished in factories. This means you’ll get a flawless end product that is completely consistent from your doors and drawers to cabinet boxes.

To deliver instant curing and a rock-hard finish, we’ll then use our ultraviolet Lightspeed® Nano system. This immediately cures your cabinets, meaning down time for you and your family is minimal. This process also ensures your cabinets are far more durable and able to stand up to heavy wear and tear. 

With N-Hance cabinet painting, in just three to five days, we can improve your home and its value with cabinets that look brand new. Not only do we offer a wide selection of colors to choose from, so you can express yourself fully, but we do so at a price that is friendly for your budget. 

Get new cabinets faster and more affordably with our cabinet painting team! Call your local N-Hance at (855) 642-6230 today for a FREE consultation and estimate.