When you want to refresh your kitchen before the heat of summer, you might be considering everything from cabinet painting to a full kitchen remodel. If you’re not prepared to do a full remodel, there is a middle ground that can make your cabinets look like new, at a fraction of the cost of a total renovation. With cabinet refacing, you can get the best of both worlds: a brand-new look that doesn’t blow your budget. 

Not convinced? Here’s a look at the three possibilities when it comes to upgrading your cabinets and why refacing comes with the most options, at the best price.

Option #1: Cabinet Painting

If you only want to change the color of your cabinets and they are generally in good condition, cabinet painting is a great choice. However, if the style of your cabinets are dated, painting won’t change the aesthetic. 

For instance, if you have 1950s flat panel hardwood cabinets and instead want the popular Shaker look, you can’t achieve that through painting. Likewise, if you have arch-raised panel cabinet doors you don’t like, a fresh coat of paint won’t alter the design. You’re therefore limited in just how much you can transform the space if you opt for cabinet painting instead of refacing. 

Option #2: Cabinet Replacement

Replacing your cabinets completely gives you endless possibilities. However, this comes at a high cost. This option is certainly the most expensive one since there’s a lot more labor involved – like demolition and removal of the old cabinet boxes – as well as materials used. 

With cabinet replacement, there’s also a longer turnaround time, more mess in your home, and more disruption to your life. While you might ultimately achieve the final look you want, it can be a costly and cumbersome process with expensive, unwanted surprises. 

Option #3: Cabinet Refacing 

The middle ground is cabinet refacing. With cabinet refacing, the cabinet boxes remain in place and the doors and drawers are removed. They are replaced with new custom-made ones in the style and color of your choice. The boxes are then painted or stained to match. 

This opens up the possibility to changing out the style of the doors and drawers, plus the paint or stain color. At the same time, it costs far less than a full replacement since you’re re-using the cabinet boxes. As long as you like the layout of your cabinets and your cabinet boxes are structurally sound, your kitchen is an excellent candidate for refacing. 

There’s More: Additional Benefits of Cabinet Refacing

If you’re ready for a big change in your kitchen without a lot of downtime and fewer dollars involved, then cabinet refacing is the answer. With refacing, you can get cabinets that look new, like they were just installed from the factory, in a matter of a few days.

There’s less mess and cleanup, too, while delivering the entirely transformed look you want in your kitchen. You can choose from a variety of colors and even opt for finishes like antiquing or glazing. You can also select from additional upgrades, like adding in glass doors or crown molding at the top of the upper cabinets. Refacing will provide a complete style transformation with less headache and hassle.

Another benefit of refacing? It’s environmentally friendly. Rather than huge cabinet boxes made from quality hardwood ending up in a landfill, they remain in your home. They are repurposed and styled to match the look of your new drawer fronts and doors. The final aesthetic is seamless and beautiful, with less of an impact on the planet. 

In addition, when you opt to reface instead of replace your kitchen cabinets, you’ll have money left over in your budget for other upgrades. This can include making the inside of your cabinets more functional through organizational accessories. It can also include a new backsplash or counters, refinishing a hardwood floor, or investing in new appliances, furniture, or lighting. 

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