Homeowners face a significant choice on cabinet refacing projects. Is it better to go for a bold and transformative update, installing new cabinet doors that take your kitchen in a completely new direction? Or should you opt for a subtle change, refreshing your cabinets with a color change without dramatically remaking the style of your kitchen?

In reality, this isn’t a one-or-the-other proposition. On most cabinet refacing projects, the end result will fall somewhere in between these two choices. But if you’re planning to reface your cabinets, it’s worth thinking about which side of the spectrum will be a better fit. 

Making that decision will come down to a number of factors including your tastes, your budget, and the current state of your kitchen.

Bold Cabinet Refacing Options

Obviously, the choice furthest to the bold side of the spectrum is to do a full kitchen remodel, removing cabinets, counters, floors, and appliances and rebuilding your kitchen. While this will definitely give you a bold new look, it’s also expensive, time consuming, messy, and disruptive to everyday life.

Still, want to make a bold change without all the fuss? Cabinet refacing allows you to keep the current layout of your kitchen while changing key components. With cabinet refacing, your cabinet boxes remain in place while giving you the option to keep or replace cabinet doors.

Cabinet refacing costs a lot less than a total replacement. It will produce less waste. It’s less time consuming and disruptive to your life and schedule. And it will still transform the aesthetic appearance of your kitchen. 

When deciding on a cabinet refacing project, you’ll first want to decide if you are going to change the cabinet doors to a new style. This option is most often chosen when cabinet doors are old, outdated, or damaged. 

Once you’ve decided to keep or replace cabinet doors, you need to consider color. Do you want to match the existing color and tone of your cabinets. Or do you want to go for an even more dramatic option and choose a new color for your cabinets, too? Changing both the cabinet door and the color is the cabinet refacing option that can give you the feel of having a whole new kitchen without the construction associated with a full remodel.

Subtle Cabinet Refacing Options

Sometimes, homeowners are basically happy with the look of their kitchen, they just want something to freshen things up and keep their kitchen feeling current and stylish. Cabinet refacing options on this more subtle side of the spectrum allow you to refresh the look without dramatic changes.

If you still love the style of your cabinets but feel like they need a refreshing, one of the best alternatives you can choose is to consider restaining your cabinets. With restaining, you can simply refresh the current finish so your cabinets look like new again. This is a great option for homeowners who still love the look of their kitchen but have noticed wear starting to take a toll on their cabinets. 

Another restaining option is to choose a new tint or tone. A color shift from light to dark can really give a fresh look to your kitchen. At N-Hance®, we also offer custom color refacing options. With colors ranging from a bold red to a subtle natural finish, you are sure to find an option that fits your style. Some homeowners opt to choose a complementary color for their island cabinets to make that portion of their kitchen a real showpiece. 

Feeling overwhelmed by the options? N-Hance is here to help! We’ll come to your home and show you the options available, help you decide which options fit your budget, lifestyle and aesthetic preferences, and then give you the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

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