On cabinet refacing projects, it’s important you achieve a coordinated look in your kitchen. That typically starts with matching your replacement cabinet doors to your countertops.

At N-Hance®, we make this easy. We offer a near-limitless range of options, thanks to our wide selection of cabinet door styles, our custom color cabinet finishes, and our range of standard and specialty finish coatings. And while most other cabinet refacing companies use veneers to reface cabinet shells, we apply the same factory-style finish to your cabinet shells as we do to your replacement cabinet doors.

The result is a uniformly gorgeous and durable finish, giving your kitchen a cohesive look that will last for years to come.

But even with all of these options, you still have to find the right fit. That means choosing cabinet doors that complement the edge, material, pattern, and color of your counters. Whether you’re keeping your existing countertops or replacing them with new ones, finding the right match can be tricky.

To help, we’ve compiled some quick tips on coordinating cabinet doors with kitchen countertops. And for a little inspiration, we’ve included four examples of great cabinet/counter combinations.

Tips for Matching Kitchen Cabinets & Countertops

If you’re trying find the right match between your kitchen counters and cabinets, start with the following tips…

  • Choose Counters First. If you’re planning on replacing your counters, choose them before making any decisions about your cabinets. Countertop styles and colors are limited, so its easier to pick a countertop style first, then make cabinet refacing decisions second.
  • Finding a Color Scheme. Take advantage of online tools and resources to find a cohesive color scheme. Try to contrast a darker countertop with lighter cabinets, or vice versa. And keep in mind that its easier to decorate a kitchen that uses neutral tones, like whites and grays.
  • Physical Styles & Forms. Achieve a modern look with minimalist forms, like Shaker-style cabinet doors. For a traditional look, choose ornamented forms, like ogee-edge countertops. A careful mix of traditional and modern features can give your kitchen a unique look.
  • Look for Inspiration. Before making any decisions about new counters or cabinet refacing, look for online inspiration. Look at how different combinations of colors and shapes complement one another. And if you find a combination you love, don’t be afraid to borrow it!
  • Get Expert Advice. When you’re remodeling, it pays to get expert advice. Cabinet refacing professionals can provide samples of different cabinet colors and styles, making it easier to match your cabinets to your counters. They can also offer styling tips and advice based on their experience on other cabinet refacing projects.

4 Stylish Cabinet Refacing & Countertop Combos

The Look: Bright & Simple

Why It Works: This is by far the most in-demand look for cabinet refacing projects right now. In terms of form, we see Shaker-style cabinet doors and bevel-edge countertops. Both offer a sleek, minimalist appearance, without trending too far towards contemporary styles. Meanwhile, the white-forward color scheme gives this kitchen a bright and airy feel.


The Look: Clean Slate

Why It Works: Raised-panel cabinets, elegant molding, and turned-wood posts give this kitchen a traditional profile. Yet its gray-forward palette and crisply edged countertops offer a decidedly modern feel. Unlike most kitchens, the mood relies on darker hues, including slate-gray cabinets and walnut floors. Offset by the brighter counters, this creates a bold yet cozy ambience.


The Look: Antique Chic

Why It Works: Here we see plenty of old-world forms and ornamentation, including raised-panel cabinets, detailed millwork, and ogee-edged countertops. The Softer Tan cabinets give the room a warm overall tone while contrasting nicely with the onyx-black counters. A subtle antique finish to the cabinets completes the look.


The Look: Home Sweet Home

Why It Works: Wood cabinets — particularly those with warm undertones — work especially well in kitchens where the counters bring out these warmer colors. Above, we see how the earthy tones of the counters and backsplash work with the cabinets to create a warm, cozy, and cohesive palette.


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