Is there anything more exciting than renovating your house? Sure it can be stressful and messy, but the end result is so exciting! If home renovations are on your mind, you may be wondering about cabinet refacing costs as you prepare your budget.

Any time you start to think about home reno projects, the kitchen is a great place to start. After all, whether you are cooking, eating or entertaining, it’s the room where you probably spend the most time.

If you’d like a new look for your kitchen, one of the most affordable solutions is refacing your cabinets instead of replacing them. Here’s a look at what the process entails, as well as cabinet refacing costs, so you can plan your budget.

Why Consider Cabinet Refacing?

Refacing your cabinets instead of replacing them will not only cost you far less, but will be an easier project to complete. You’ll be able to choose from a wide selection of door styles, paint colors, and finishes, so you can truly transform your space. 

At the same time, you’ll be able to make a drastic difference without a lot of mess or downtime. In fact, with professionals like those at N-Hance®, you can have kitchen cabinets that look brand new within about five days. 

Not only that, but you’ll get an end product that is beautiful and durable. From our paints and stains to our Lightspeed® U.V. system for instant curing, we use proprietary products for a superior result. Your new cabinet doors, boxes, and drawer fronts will be able to endure heavy use and still look stunning for years to come. 

The Costs of Cabinet Refacing

So just how much does cabinet refacing cost? The good news is that it’s a fraction of the price of a full replacement; about 40-50% less on average. 

With cabinet refacing, only the drawer fronts and doors get replaced. The cabinet boxes remain in place and are simply painted or stained to match. This means far fewer supplies and less labor are needed when compared to a complete cabinet renovation.

Some other factors that will contribute to the final cabinet refacing costs include:

  • Kitchen size. The size of your kitchen will impact the cost of your project. If you have a smaller space with a few cabinets, the cost will be less than a larger space complete with an island and extensive cabinetry.
  • Materials used. While some companies use veneers, at N-Hance we use hardwood in our cabinet refacing projects. We offer several wood varieties to choose from, such as maple and walnut, each of which are at different price points. 
  • Design style. In addition to the materials, you can also select from different door design styles. A simpler, modern look, like flat front, will cost less than one that’s more ornate with crown molding on the upper cabinetry. 

In addition to refacing your cabinets, you can also choose other options for customization, which will personalize your space, but will add to the total cost. 

Other Costs to Consider to Enhance Your Space

Beyond refacing your cabinets, there are many other low-cost ways to enhance the space. These will make a dramatic difference in how it looks and feels, all without breaking your budget. Some ideas include:

  • Replacing the fixtures. By simply swapping out the fixtures throughout your kitchen, you can elevate the space and make it more elegant, whether you love a modern look or want to stick with something classic. Fixtures you could replace include the drawer pulls and door knobs, as well as pendant lighting, above-the-island lighting, and chandeliers. 
  • Adding a backsplash. Adding a tile backsplash is just another way to enhance your cabinet refacing project in a low-cost way. This serves to improve both the aesthetics and function of the space. The tile you choose can tie the countertops and new cabinets together beautifully, making your kitchen flow better.
  • Create a focal point. If you want to add some drama to your kitchen, without going overboard, consider a focal point. There are many low-cost ways to achieve one with your cabinet refacing project. For instance, you can have the island refaced in a bold, bright color and choose a more neutral hue for the remainder of the cabinets. You can also replace upper cabinets with floating shelves or glass door cabinets on one wall. 

Clearly, there are many choices to consider and associated costs when it comes to cabinet refacing and renovations in your kitchen. At N-Hance, we’re here to support you every step of the way, so you can achieve your ideal space. 

We know that revamping your kitchen can be stressful and our goal is to make the process as simple, easy, and affordable as possible. We want to make a big impact on your home, one that’s a fit for your budget and lifestyle.

If you’d like to find out cabinet refacing costs for your kitchen or bathroom, call your local N-Hance at (855) 642-6230 today to set up a FREE design consultation.