If you’d like to make a big change in your kitchen without breaking the bank, cabinet refacing can be the answer. Whether your cabinets are old, dated, or worn out, it’s an ideal choice as long as they are structurally sound. 

But what exactly does the process entail and what considerations should you take before deciding? Here’s everything you need to know:

What is Cabinet Refacing? 

When refacing your kitchen cabinets, the original doors and drawer fronts are removed and replaced with new ones. Meanwhile, the cabinet boxes left in place are repaired, as needed, and painted to match the new doors and drawer fronts. 

The end result is seamless and like-new. In fact, your cabinets will look like they just arrived from the factory, all at a fraction of the cost of a total renovation.

How Much Does Cabinet Refacing Cost?

It depends on the number of cabinets you have, the layout and size of your kitchen, and the design selections you make. For instance, there are different door styles to choose from with some more ornate than others. There are also a range of finishing techniques to consider, such as glazing or antiquing. Each choice you make will impact the final overall cost. However, on average, the cost to reface cabinets is generally around half the cost of a complete remodel. 

Does Cabinet Refacing Look Cheap?

Using a reputable company is the key to getting cabinets that don’t look cheap. Some companies use a lower-end process that applies laminate to upgrade the look of the cabinet surfaces. At first, they might appear fine. However, over time, they’ll begin to wear out, peel, chip and fade, providing results that are short-lived. Laminate is also prone to water damage, causing them to swell. In addition, laminate will feel artificial when compared to hardwood doors and panels. 

However, with a high-end process, like the one used by N-Hance®, we’ll remove the cabinet doors and drawer fronts and replace them with new, custom-made, solid wood doors. We also don’t cover cabinet boxes with veneer or cheap laminate. We’ll paint them to ensure the final product looks beautiful and also stands up to wear and tear. 

Can I Reface Cabinets Myself?

Refacing cabinets is a quick and easy way to change the look of your kitchen without the mess and expense of a complete remodel. However, most DIY approaches involve self-sticking wood veneer or laminates. These will peel and chip over time and once the damage is done, it’s difficult to repair. 

Is it Worth It to Reface Cabinets?

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. When the cabinets look outdated or worn out, it can take away from your enjoyment of the space. However, renovations can be time-consuming, messy, and expensive. 

Cabinet refacing provides a happy balance where you can achieve a like-new look with a new door style, paint color or stain, hardware and boxes to match, all without spending too much. You can also get back into your kitchen faster with the average turnaround time at about five days. 

Not only will you save both time and money with the process, but stress too. You won’t have to spend more than you’re comfortable with and can get a kitchen that’s completely transformed in a matter of days. You might even have extra money left over in your budget, so you can change the wall color, backsplash, or countertops. 

Is It Cheaper to Reface or Replace Cabinets?

Refacing your kitchen cabinets will almost always come in at a lower cost than replacing them. There’s less labor involved, fewer supplies, and a far shorter timeline. 

For instance, if you’re replacing your cabinets, your old ones must be removed. The demolition aspect of the job can cost a hefty sum; plus special care needs to be taken to protect your counters and floors. 

The process isn’t nearly as complicated for refacing. As a result, the final tally is around 50% of the total cost of a renovation. Plus, you’ll still get cabinets that look brand new with a different door style and paint. 

In fact, cabinet refacing is one of the most budget-friendly ways to make a big upgrade to your kitchen. In addition, if you use a reputable company, you can rest assured your newly refaced cabinets will offer years of beauty and durability. 

How Long Does Cabinet Refacing Take?

It depends on the specific factors of your project, particularly the size of your kitchen and the condition of your cabinet boxes. Larger kitchens where the boxes require more repair work might take extra time when compared to a smaller space in good condition. 

In addition, if you choose a more ornate door style, it might take longer to create when compared to a simpler one. Finally, if you add any techniques, like antiquing, this too can increase the turnaround time. However, the average timeline for a typical kitchen refacing project is around five days.

How Do I Reface Cabinets?

Start by calling N-Hance! Handling cabinet refacing on your own is a job that takes skill and experience to perform properly. When you contact our team, we’ll take care of all the details from start to finish. You simply have to make the design decisions and approve the quote. 

We’ll then help you with every aspect of your project, from choosing a door style and color you’ll love to scheduling our technicians for the work. Overall, we try to make the process as simple and stress-free as possible, giving you an end result that looks beautiful and feels brand new.  

Will Refacing Cabinets Add Value to My Home?

Yes! There are many ways refacing can add value to your home, especially if you have old, dated or damaged cabinets. You can completely refresh the space in a way that’s still-budget friendly. 

As a result, you can make your kitchen a more attractive and enjoyable place to spend time. Refacing will also increase your home’s marketability if you’re going to list it. Considering the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home, refacing your cabinets can even help you secure a higher offer.

How Long Do Refaced Cabinets Last?

If your cabinets are refaced using premium products and properly cared for, they can last years. Even if you have a lot of foot traffic in your home and your cabinets experience heavy use, you can expect them to look beautiful for years to come. It’s thanks to our proprietary Lightspeed® Nano process. It cures your cabinets instantly, while providing a rock-hard, durable, factory-like finish.

Can I Just Replace My Cabinet Doors & Drawers?

Yes, with cabinet refacing you’re simply replacing the doors and drawer fronts with new, custom-made ones that better match your design sensibility. The boxes are repaired, as needed, and then painted or stained to match. This translates into a much lower cost when compared to a full renovation since there’s less work and fewer supplies. It’s also easier on the environment since boxes don’t end up in a landfill and fewer trees and fossil fuels are used in the process. 

If you’d like to learn more about cabinet refacing and how we can transform your kitchen or bathroom with our process, call your local N-Hance at (855) 642-6230 today to set up a FREE design consultation.