Whether your cabinets are beat up, scratched, or scuffed, it’s time for an upgrade. Yet, whether your budget is large or small, it’s important to understand the costs ahead of time and what’s included. This way, you’ll avoid unwanted surprises. To help you in the process, here’s what to know about cabinet refinishing companies and what they typically charge.

Average Costs of Cabinet Refinishing Companies

There are many variables to consider during any home improvement project. When you are considering cabinet refinishing, those variables can include:

  • The condition of your cabinets
  • The number of cabinets and drawers
  • The existing stain color
  • The new color you want
  • If you’ll make upgrades to hardware and/or hinges

The cost also depends on where you live, with labor and materials coming in at a higher price on the East and West Coasts, for instance, versus in the Midwest.

Factors That Impact the Cost

So what factors go into the cost? The biggest impact on price is how big your cabinets are, which are usually measured in linear feet. To calculate linear feet of your particular cabinets, simply measure the length in inches, then divide by 12.

The next factor is the number of cabinets you have. Obviously, a small kitchen with fewer cabinets will cost less than a larger kitchen with more cabinetry. 

Another factor that impacts the price is your choice of stain, top coat (whether it’s gloss or matte, for instance), and if you opt for any finishing techniques, like glazing or antiquing. These can make the project more complex and therefore more time-consuming and costly. Likewise, if the stain you choose is far different than the original one, it could require more coats, which costs more. 

In addition, if the layout of your kitchen cabinets is more detailed, such as cabinets installed in tight angles or corners, then these could be more difficult and costly to clean and refinish. They also might require a craftsman with more skill, which can boost expenses, as well. 

Another cost to consider is the hardware you choose. If you’re refinishing your cabinets, it’s a great time to change out those old hinges for soft close ones. You’ll also want to pick out new door knobs and drawer handles. These can vary in price depending on the choices you make and also how many you will need.

There are certainly many factors to consider when it comes to the cost of hiring a cabinet refinishing company. However, overall, it’s far less expensive than replacing your cabinets, which can cost up to four times as much as refinishing existing cabinets. As a result, you’ll save a bundle and have more money left aside for other upgrades, like new appliances.

What the Cabinet Refinishing Process Entails

Different cabinet refinishing companies follow different processes. When you choose N-Hance as your cabinet refinishing company, we’ll follow our proven 3 step process:

Step 1: Cleaning

We carefully clean your cabinets to remove build-up that has accumulated over the years. Dirt, grease, dust, wax, and other contaminants need to be thoroughly cleaned and removed so there is a clean surface to apply the new finish.

Step 2: Touch Up and Repair

Any worn or damaged areas will be repaired. To ensure an even finish, we custom blend a stain to match your existing cabinet color. This helps ensure the base we apply the new color to is consistent, even in areas we’ve had to touch up and/or repair.

Step 3: Apply Color and Seal

Finally, we apply the new stain color of your choice and our proprietary polyurethane finish that ensures a rock hard surface for your cabinets.

All of this can typically be completed in just three to five days. Our process is fast and allows you to have access to your kitchen while we work.

Beyond Cost: Other Advantages Cabinet Refinishing Companies Offer 

Obviously, cost is a big advantage when it comes to choosing to refinish your cabinets instead of replacing them. However, there are a range of other benefits that cabinet refinishing companies can offer, including the following:

It’s the Eco-Friendly Choice

Since you’re keeping your old cabinets and simply renewing them, materials don’t end up in a landfill. In addition, you’re not having any cabinets made, which uses valuable fossil fuels during the manufacturing and transportation process. You can therefore achieve a new look without getting rid of your old doors, drawer fronts, or box frames, taking advantage of the most earth-friendly option

It’s Faster & Less Disruptive

When it comes to refinishing, there’s no demolition or messy pulling apart of your entire kitchen. Your cabinet doors and drawer fronts are typically removed and prepped and stained off-site, at the refinishing company’s shop. Your boxes are stained on-site in your home. This process is straightforward and takes far less time than a replacement. In fact, you can often have newly refinished cabinets in just a few days.

It Allows You to Maintain Hardwood

Cabinets made years ago are typically higher quality than those manufactured today. It’s why, if your cabinets are hardwood and in good condition, it’s in your best interest to keep and maintain them. Refinishing allows you to do that, so you get the best of both worlds: cabinets that look new and are made from more durable materials that add value to your home.

If you’re interested in learning more about the costs charged by our cabinet refinishing company, call your local N-Hance at (855) 642-6230 today to get started with a FREE quote.