With the new year just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to start planning a big kitchen remodel. If you’re already dreaming of new kitchen cabinets, N-Hance® has the inspiration you need. Below, we’ve collected our top 19 ideas for kitchen cabinet transformations in 2019.

On-Trend Cabinet Transformations

Cabinet Faces

There’s no bolder cabinet transformation than a facelift. Whether you’re refinishing, recoloring, or refacing your cabinets, here are five striking choices you’ll want to consider.

  1. Bright & Simple. White has been the on-trend choice for kitchen cabinets for years, and that won’t be changing in 2019. White goes particularly well with simple, streamlined styles, like Shaker-style cabinetry.
  2. Rich Woods & Whites. For a bold new twist on midcentury styling, try accenting a white-forward kitchen with minimalist cabinets in a rich wood finish. Aim for slightly darker tint with red undertones — but make sure that it acts as an accent and doesn’t suck the light out of your space.
  3. Mix & Match Styles. An increasing number of kitchens use a mix of different styles to achieve unique effects. For a creative cabinet transformation, see if you can find harmony between contrasting styles of upper and lower cabinets.
  4. Accent Islands. Kitchen islands are a popular option for introducing a bold splash of color into the kitchen. Right now, one of the most popular combinations is white or gray faces for the main kitchen cabinets, with a bold but subtle shade of blue for the kitchen island.
  5. Window Framing. In most cases, cabinet faces and shells work best in the same color. But this isn’t always the case. With glass cabinet doors, you can create a window-frame effect by choosing a lighter shade for the cabinet shells and a darker shade for the cabinet doors.

Cabinet Organization

Our favorite cabinet transformations are more than meets the eye. By reorganizing or redecorating the insides of your cabinets, you can create a kitchen that’s both more beautiful and more functional.

  1. Built-In Wine Rack. A built-in wine rack offers the perfect combination of class, style, and functionality. A simple, lattice-style wine rack looks gorgeous in practically any space, can be easily added in place of open shelving, and makes it easier than ever to grab your favorite Pinot Noir.
  2. Use Cabinet Undersides. The undersides of cabinets are often neglected, despite offering an ideal space for storage and/or lighting. Consider adding recessed lighting to improve visibility or install under-cabinet storage for your favorite utensils and tools.
  3. Inside-the-Door Storage. Another neglected spot is the inside of cabinet doors. In many kitchens, this is free real estate for cutting boards, baking sheets, trivets, and other slim-profile items. In upper cabinets, you can hang vertical spice racks, measuring spoons, or a corkboard for favorite recipes.
  4. Hack Your Cabinets. Few spaces are more hackable than the insides of kitchen cabinets. Use magnets to hang spice jars from the undersides of shelves. Hang spray-bottles of cleaning supplies from tension rod under your sink. Or simply maximize your space with store-bought insert shelves and organizers.
  5. A Touch of Color. Contact paper is no longer as stuffy and stodgy as it used to be. You’ll find tons of fresh, modern designs at your local DIY store, perfect for interior cabinet transformations.

Cabinet Accents

Cabinet transformations don’t stop at your cabinets. After you’ve given your cabinets a new color or style, you’ll want to complement the new look with the right accents.

  1. Hardware with Flair. Given the trend toward sleek, minimalist kitchens, many homeowners have switched to sleek, minimalist hardware. But if you’re looking to add a touch of personality to your space, decorative brass drawer pulls and handles are an ideal fit.
  2. Elegant Wallpaper. Another way to bring life into a sleek, modern kitchen is via wallpaper. Minimalist spaces can be accented with a bold, sophisticated pattern, particularly if the pattern has a white base.
  3. Quartz Counters. New countertops are a significant expense, but with the right material and style, they’re worth the expense. Right now, quartz is the most popular high-end choice for new counters, with granite a close second. If you want a warmer look, consider installing a high-quality butcherblock counter.
  4. Ceiling Treatments. Ceilings are routinely forgotten during kitchen renovations. They shouldn’t be. A ceiling treatment that complements the style of your cabinets will create a truly unique and cohesive space.
  5. Bold Backsplash. Subway tile backsplashes are as popular as ever as they offer a timeless look. Other stylish options we love include checkerboard tile, reclaimed wood, embossed concrete, and stamped tin sheeting.

High-End Upgrades

Not everyone can afford to rebuild their kitchen from scratch. But if you’re planning extensive remodeling work, here are three high-end ideas for cabinet transformations.

  1. Customized Storage. If you’re planning a full-scale cabinet transformation, take advantage of the chance to build a truly personalized kitchen. Custom cabinets allow you to maximize each square-inch of your kitchen and organize your space according to your personal preferences.
  2. Adaptive Fixtures. Have a partner who’s taller or shorter than you are? Have younger or older family members who like to spend time in the kitchen? Some homeowners have taken to designing adaptive spaces to accommodate family members of all sizes, with toe-kick stools, adjustable countertops, or pull-out cabinets.
  3. Integrated Appliances. It’s almost impossible to find a fridge, oven, or dishwasher that doesn’t look like an oversized, stainless steel box. If you can’t stand the stainless-steel-rectangle look, you might want to consider integrated appliances, which blend seamlessly with the rest of your cabinets.

Feeling Lost?

With all these different options for cabinet transformations, you might feel at a loss for how to update your cabinets. In that case, you’ll want to…

  1. Call Your Local N-Hance! If you’re ready for a cabinet transformation, but you’re not sure what that transformation will look like, it’s time to get in touch with your local N-Hance. Whether you’re refreshing the original look of your kitchen cabinets, switching your cabinets to a different color, or refacing your cabinets in an entirely new style, N-Hance is your local source for cabinet transformations.

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