Hardwood floors are more than beautiful, they’re an asset that adds charm and value to your home. However, if yours are seriously damaged, can hardwood floor refinishing services restore them? 

With the team at N-Hance®, the answer is most likely “yes.” In fact, we offer a specialty hardwood floor refinishing service to restore floors with deep scratches, separations in the floorboards, discolored spots, and other serious signs of damage. 

Choosing N-Hance means choosing a team of experienced technicians who know how to restore the glory back to your floors and remove major signs of age, even replacing floorboards if necessary. They will then refinish your floors using our one-of-a-kind approach. 

How We Save Damaged Hardwoods with Floor Restoration & Refinishing 

Your floors take a beating every day, from foot traffic, sunlight, pets, furniture, spills, and life in general. On top of that, if they’re old, then they’ve endured this level of use over many years. As a result, you might wonder if they are a lost cause.

But when you call our team for hardwood flooring refinishing, you’ll be surprised by the transformation we can make. In most cases, N-Hance is able to restore the luster and elegance of hardwood floors with our unique restoration and refinishing process

The N-Hance process works differently than the conventional approach other companies use. Rather than a drum sander to sand your floors, we use a liquid abrasion treatment that prepares your floors for refinishing. Because we don’t sand, we can even restore non-sandable floors, like cork or bamboo.

Often customers think that since we don’t sand, our process is only available for floors with light damage. That’s not the case! Our refinishing services work well for hardwood floors that are old, stained, worn out, and beat up, too. (Read some of our reviews to find out more.) 

Even if there are deep scratches, gouges, stains, and gaps, our technicians will repair these after the liquid abrasion treatment. To do this, they use a screening and filling process. The screening process takes the top layer of polyurethane off but doesn’t remove any wood. By filling, our technicians then repair all the damaged spots, like scratches, before we refinish the floors. 

During this step, our team is extremely careful about these repairs. We want to ensure your floors are as flawless as possible once we’re done. Our goal is to get as close to a “like-new” appearance as possible, so you don’t have to tear out your valuable hardwood floors.

The next step is to apply a water-based finish. We don’t use products with harsh toxins, but rather ones that are family-friendly. This means fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can pollute the air and irritate your loved ones and pets at higher levels.  

Using our exclusive LightSpeed® UV curing system, we then instantly cure the floors, so they are rock-hard and durable. You don’t have to wait days to return to life in your home.

The Advantages of Our Hardwood Floor Refinishing 

Besides restoring your hardwood floors, there are many advantages N-Hance can offer with our refinishing service. For instance, our approach is ideal for families because there’s no wood dust, harsh fumes, or lingering odors. You don’t have to worry about your children or pets breathing in small particles of airborne dust or exposure to highly toxic fumes.  

The N-Hance process also cuts down on cleaning time. Traditional sanding means sand gets everywhere. It’s on surfaces, large and small, and in nooks and crannies, even after you clean. It can take weeks or months to completely rid your home of dust. You don’t have to deal with this hassle with N-Hance. 

In addition, conventional hardwood floor refinishing takes around three to five days, and then one full week on top of that for floors to cure. That adds up to nearly two weeks of workers inside your home, and your life being disrupted. The N-Hance process takes only one to two days, from start to finish, including time to cure. You can get back to your home and to your life in just a fraction of the time. 

There’s also the cost to consider. If you have seriously damaged floors, you can either rip them out and replace them, or refinish them. By refinishing them with N-Hance, you’ll save a significant amount of money. You’ll not only get restored floors but ones that are more durable thanks to our proprietary products and LightSpeed UV curing system. This translates into the beauty and longevity you want for years to come.

Ready to take your damaged floors and restore their original glory? Call (855) 642-6230 to set up a FREE consultation and find out more about our hardwood floor refinishing services.