Looking for an upgrade to your culinary space? Kitchen cabinet painting is the fastest, most affordable approach. However, that doesn’t mean it’s easy. In fact, repainting kitchen cabinets on your own is a major DIY undertaking. 

If you are worried about tackling this project on your own, that’s where the cabinet painters at N-Hance® can help. When you rely on our professional team, you can take one step – call us – and enjoy beautiful, lasting results. 

The Ins and Outs of Kitchen Cabinet Painting

Cabinet painting is one of the most popular ways to update a kitchen. Yet, it can prove tougher than other types of painting projects. 

While standard paints work well in other rooms, kitchens – and kitchen cabinets in particular – need specialized products to achieve a smooth, durable finish. Kitchen cabinet painting also requires a level of care and attention that goes beyond other painting projects. 

Here are a few more reasons to skip the DIY approach and hire a professional cabinet painter instead.

Wear and Tear

Kitchen cabinets face much harsher conditions than other interior surfaces thanks to regular opening and closing, spills, and splatters. This level of wear and tear means choosing the right painting products is critical. Otherwise, it’s much easier for damage and heavy use to build up on cabinet surfaces, detracting from their look and performance. 

Heat, Moisture, and Stains

For those cabinets located close to the stove – or directly above it – a heat-resistant paint is key to stopping premature degradation. Likewise, kitchen cabinets should have a water-resistant finish to avoid damage, especially for those cabinets near the kitchen sink. 

Your cabinets also need a finish that can withstand acidic and caustic foods, resisting stains from substances like coffee, red wine, and tomato juice. This can be a lot to ask when you’re simply buying paint from a big box home improvement store.

Oil and Grease

Oils and grease pose another pair of problems for kitchen cabinets. First, they can compromise the surface of the paint or topcoat, negatively impacting the integrity and appearance. Second, they can prevent the primer from binding with the cabinet surface or prevent the paint from binding with the primer. 

Cabinet painting therefore requires thorough degreasing of cabinets and specialized primers. It’s just another reason to hire a kitchen cabinet painting professional to handle the work.

A Painstaking Process

Not only are the products you choose vital to a successful painting outcome, but so too is the approach you take. Painting cabinets isn’t as simple as brushing on a coat of your new color. There are many steps that go into the process, starting with gathering supplies and preparing your kitchen and the cabinets for painting. 

It also includes removing doors and drawer fronts, cleaning, sanding, repairing damage, priming, painting, and curing. This all adds up to a lot of effort. If you don’t have the expertise needed, your results might look sloppy. 

How N-Hance Makes Kitchen Cabinet Repainting Easy

At N-Hance, we know how demanding kitchens can be and what that means for cabinet painting. That’s why we have developed a specialized approach that includes:

  • A design consultation – Let us work with you to help you select a cabinet paint color you love. We can also add on specialty techniques, like antiquing or torching, and further upgrade your cabinets with crown molding, glass doors, and interior storage solutions. 
  • Cleaning – We will clean your cabinets thoroughly with our proprietary solution, which was designed to eliminate grease, wax, and other build-up. This prepares the surface for the primer, enabling it to better adhere to the surface.
  • Priming – As we’re working, we use a special, oil-resistant primer to ensure the painting product better adheres to your cabinets. It also blocks out the bleed-through of the previous color.
  • Painting – Our exclusive paint products are made with an acrylic-based formula and designed to withstand wear, tear, heat, moisture, and stains. With our approach to applying paint products, we can also deliver a smooth, factory-like finish. 
  • Curing – We use our Lightspeed® Nano technology that allows us to cure your cabinet finish instantly, instead of in days, like with traditional cabinet painting. This saves time and leaves behind a more durable finish. 

At N-Hance, we combine proprietary, resilient products with industry-leading technology and design expertise to provide lasting results that bring out the best in your cabinets. Choose from our beautiful palette of colors or bring us a color sample and let us match it. 

We’ll guide you through the process, from start to finish, offering a detailed price quote and a fast turnaround. In fact, once we begin, our kitchen cabinet repainting work often takes around three to five days. It’s just another reason to skip the DIY headaches and hassles and hire our cabinet painting team instead. 

Concerned that standard cabinet painting isn’t up to the job? Call N-Hance at (855) 642-6230 to learn more about our custom color finishes and request a FREE estimate.