When your clients are looking for a big transformation without the hefty price tag, N-Hance® can make it happen. Our professional kitchen cabinet painters are skilled, diligent, and dependable, so your clients get the beautiful results they expect from you. 

Not only will our cabinet painters improve the appearance of each kitchen you work in, but they will also create surfaces that offer a durable, factory-like finish. Our cabinet painters are skilled at reviving cabinets and restoring their beauty and sophistication, so your clients love the end results – and the lower costs that come with our service.

Here are some advantages our kitchen cabinet painters can offer you and your clients:

#1: Less Turnaround Time

When you turn to our team of kitchen cabinet painters, you can expect a fast turnaround. We’ll paint the cabinets inside your client’s home quickly, in a matter of days, from start to finish. We will then cure the finish with our exclusive Lightspeed® Nano technology. This unique offering uses UV light to instantly cure cabinets. This means that as soon as we leave, your team can get to work finishing other projects and your clients can get back into their homes and use their cabinets. 

#2: Lower Costs

Thanks to the efficient way we work, our kitchen cabinet painters can save your clients money. As a result, you can allocate their budget to other areas, such as new kitchen furniture, tile for the backsplash, appliances, flooring, or decor. With the help of our kitchen cabinet painters, budgets go further and your services can make an even greater impact. All of this adds up to happier customers.

#3: Custom Choices

Whether your client wants a sleek, modern kitchen, a rustic, farmhouse look, or a more refined heritage aesthetic, we offer a wide range of choices to bring their vision to life. Our paint colors include many possibilities, featuring shades of white, blue, gray, black, brown, buttery yellow, and more. If we don’t have the right color in our palette, simply bring us a sample and we will match it. We also offer:

  • Hardware in a wide array of metals
  • Soft close hinges
  • Glass front doors
  • Crown molding
  • Open shelving
  • And more

#4: Long-Lasting Results

With N-Hance, our products are designed exclusively for cabinets. From the cleaning solution to the priming and paint products we apply to surfaces, we use products engineered specifically for cabinets in each step of our process. This ensures long-lasting performance that withstands all kinds of wear and tear, greasy splatter, and heavy use. 

#5: Comprehensive Services

When you work with N-Hance, our cabinet painters can do more than work in kitchens. They can also paint cabinets in other areas of the home, from the bathroom and the dining room hutch to the built-in cabinets in a client’s family room or office. 

When you partner with our team, we also offer:

  • Cabinet Refacing 
    If your client doesn’t like the style of their cabinets, we can reface cabinets. Your clients can choose from a range of door styles and profiles, types of wood, colors, and finishing touches, such as antiquing or glazing, to further personalize their cabinets.
  • Cabinet Storage Solutions 
    We don’t only enhance the outside of cabinets; we can enhance the inside as well with our cabinet storage solutions. Options include pull-out trash and recycling cabinets, drawer organizers, spice drawers, and more. We can ensure your clients have all the functional, stylish accessories they need to help them stay organized in their beautifully designed space.
  • Floor Refinishing  
    Beyond cabinets, we can even refurbish hardwood floors, too. We offer traditional hardwood floor refinishing, as well as hardwood floor restoration for badly damaged floors. We can even revitalize floors that can’t be sanded, like cork and bamboo, restoring life and luster to them.

#6: A Professional Team 

At N-Hance, we’re proud to offer a professional team that is eager to bring your client’s vision to life. Even if their cabinets are faded, damaged, dull, or out of style, our kitchen cabinet painters can dramatically transform them in a way that is beautiful, fast, and affordable. You can also count on N-Hance for prompt, reliable service, so it’s a hassle-free experience for both you and your clients. 

When you partner with N-Hance, you can go a long way in ensuring your clients are happy with your services. We’ll work with you to deliver the stunning results your clients want in a cost-friendly and timely manner. 

Ready to find out more about partnering with our professional kitchen cabinet painters? Let’s talk! Call N-Hance at (855) 642-6230 to set up a FREE consultation.