When you notice chips, scratches, or signs of wear and tear, repainting your kitchen cabinets offers an affordable solution. But before you go out to gather painting supplies, keep this in mind: While DIY cabinet painting can save you money upfront, you might end up forfeiting the durable, smooth finish that you would get with a professional cabinet painter. Here’s a look at why.

Long-Lasting Cabinet Painting Products

When it comes to painted kitchen cabinets, the right products are crucial. For instance, latex-based paints, used often in wall painting, contain vinyl residues that will peel away when exposed to moisture, oils, grease, and everyday wear and tear. Oil-based paints, another popular type of paint, can yellow over time, while also impacting the indoor air quality of your home. 

So, what’s the right choice for painting your cabinets? It depends – and that’s when a professional painter becomes so valuable. There are several different types of paint that work well on kitchen cabinets, from enamel to acrylic and urethane finishes. For instance:

  • Enamel provides a powerful finish that protects cabinets, withstanding daily wear and tear. It’s also resistant to scratches and the build-up of dirt, dust, and grime. 
  • Acrylic won’t peel or flake off like other paint types, while also being resistant to heat and water damage. 
  • Urethane is designed to stand strong in busy industrial environments and is perfect for a demanding kitchen. 

A professional cabinet painter can assess the condition of your cabinets as well as the material they are made from, and make the best recommendation for your kitchen. You can take further advantage of their knowledge and expertise by asking for recommendations relating to the sheen of the paint, from eggshell to semi-gloss and more, as well as extra finishing touches like antiquing, glazing, or torching. With a pro, you’ll get a customized look that reflects your lifestyle and personality without sloppy mistakes that you have to live with.

Specialized Cabinet Painting Equipment and Expertise 

Painted cabinets that stand the test of time require more than quality products, but also specialized tools and equipment. Rather than gathering everything on your own and renting a sprayer, you can simply hire an experienced professional to handle the work with care and expertise. 

In the process, you won’t have to worry about any drip marks, smudges, or other annoying DIY cabinet painting mistakes like layers of too-thick paint peeling or chipping off. Nor will you have to deal with less-than-ideal results from improper prep, which can lead to poor adhesion between the surface of your cabinets and the primer or paint. Instead, you’ll get a rock-hard finish that lasts longer with minimal maintenance needed. 

A Precise Approach to Cabinet Painting 

Painting kitchen cabinets sounds easy enough. Yet, there are many steps in the process that can be overwhelming for homeowners. If you cut corners or skip a step, it’s going to impact the final result in terms of appearance and durability. 

With a professional, you don’t have to stress about this. They will follow a process that is rooted in experience and proven to deliver lasting results. 

In addition, they can tackle the job faster, minimizing downtime while delivering a beautiful, durable finish for your painted kitchen cabinets. You can also rest assured they’ll clean up once they’re done, so there’s less disruption and work for you.

The Result? Smooth, Durable Painted Kitchen Cabinets

When you hire a professional, your cabinets will be properly cleaned and prepped, as well as carefully primed and painted, using the best-suited products and equipment. The primer and paint will better adhere to the surface of your cabinets, so you don’t have to worry about premature chipping, discoloration, or water or heat damage. You can simply enjoy years of style and performance, as well as the best return on your investment. 

How To Get Painted Cabinets That Last 

If you’re still wondering: Do painted cabinets last? The answer is, it depends. If you hire a professional cabinet painter who is experienced and uses quality products and equipment, then your painted cabinets will look great and last for years. And because cabinet painting is a fraction of the cost of replacing your cabinets, you can put additional funds towards other upgrades. This all adds up to the beautiful, durable cabinets you want and the kitchen you’ve been dreaming of!

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