It’s a new year and a great time to improve the functionality of your kitchen. If you’re sick of cluttered drawers, cramped cabinets, and a pantry that’s a disaster zone, now is the ideal time to invest in cabinet storage solutions. You can make a big change to the flow and organization of your kitchen so that cooking, entertaining, and even just making a snack is easier.

Plus, cabinet storage and organization can actually increase the number of items you can store in your cabinets. It’s like a little bit of magic – your cabinets appear bigger and give you more storage space without actually having to do any remodeling. Being organized never felt so good! Here are a few products that will help you to organize your kitchen in 2024. 

Pull Out Drawers

Kitchen cabinet storage, like pull out drawers, can also be used in nearly any kitchen cabinet. They are most popular for the cabinets where you store pots and pans. Instead of bending over or getting down on your hands and knees, you can simply pull out the drawer and grab what you need. When installed throughout the kitchen, pull out drawers keep everyday items off your countertops, provide easier access, and help you maintain kitchen organization all year. 

Pull Out Trash and Recycling Centers

Pull out drawers are also a great option for hiding your trash and recycling bins. The innovative undermount design means you can keep your garbage cans easily accessible, yet out of sight. It’s the best of both worlds. Depending on how deep your cabinets go, you can opt for a pull out drawer that has both a trash can and a recycling bin or just a single trash bin. 

Drawer Organizers 

Eliminate the clutter in your utensil drawers with an organizer. You can neatly separate forks, knives, spoons, spatulas, and scrapers so it’s easier to see what you need, grab it, and go. The inside of your drawers will be neat and tidy while allowing you to maximize the space you have.

Tray and Dishware Dividers

When your dishes and bowls are piled so high they barely fit, it’s time for dividers. These organization items will allow you to make more of the space you have and create a clutter-free appearance in your cabinets. 

Likewise, you can also opt for dividers made specifically for tray-size objects. From cookie sheets to cutting boards, you can keep all your trays upright and organized. Baking will be a pleasure, not a pain, with dividers like these in place. 

Under-Sink Organization

Under the sink in your kitchen can be a precarious place to be. You might have cleaning supplies, a trash can, tools for washing dishes, and other items that are wet or greasy. With many different types of products designed for under the sink, you can organize this area while also protecting the base of the cabinet from water or splatter.

For instance, with a mat under the sink, you can safeguard your cabinets so liquids don’t damage the base if they spill. In addition, with a portero, or a wire basket that extends, you can separate and keep items like dishwater detergent, dish soap, cleaning supplies, and sponges organized and accessible. 

Spice Drawers and Racks

Spices are notoriously difficult to keep organized. If your home is like most, you have a drawer or a cabinet with spices in a cluttered arrangement that makes it hard to find what you need. 

The good news? When you get your spices organized with a system inside a cabinet or a spice drawer organizer, you can see all the spices you have at a glance. They won’t be hard to reach or impossible to find, making it easier to cook and prepare meals. 

Beverage Drawer

Do you have K-cups, tea bags, hot chocolate packets, and other beverage accessories cluttering your cabinets? If so, having a drawer to organize these items makes sense. You can take a dysfunctional corner in your kitchen and transform it into a neat, organized drawer where it’s easy to see what you have and what needs to be replenished. 

There are even products specifically made for K-cup coffee, tea, and hot chocolate pods. Simply put the pods in each perfect-fit spot. When you want a beverage, just open your drawer and grab your desired pod. It’s functional, visually appealing, and makes life simpler. 

Ready to Get Organized? Turn to N-Hance for Your Cabinet Storage Needs

At N-Hance®, we are cabinet makeover specialists who transform cabinets inside and out. With our custom cabinet storage solutions, we can increase the functionality of your cabinet space with solutions custom fit to each cabinet and drawer. 

You can say goodbye to your messy, cluttered, hard-to-close drawers and cabinets and get a kitchen that is organized and efficient. You can also reach items more easily without digging around or bending over and hurting your back. At the same time, you can free up counter space, giving you more room for meal prep and a clean, less cluttered surface when you aren’t cooking.

It’s a new year and a great time to enhance your space, whether you’d like cabinet storage solutions, cabinet refacing, cabinet painting, or one of our other services. We’re a call away and ready to make your cabinets more functional and beautiful – inside and out – in 2024. 

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