If you have hardwood floors in your home, count yourself lucky. Many homeowners today are ripping out their carpet and replacing it with hardwood. This is a pricey upgrade but can be worth it in the long run as it adds charm and warmth, as well as value. It’s why, when you already have hardwood, you should aim to keep it in excellent condition. This is where hardwood floor refinishing can help.

If you’re noticing discoloration, scratches, or a scuffed, worn-out appearance, refinishing can restore the look of your hardwood floors. If you want to change your floors to a deeper and richer tone or if the finish has faded in spots or across the entire surface, refinishing can handle the job.  

Before you begin, though, you might have some questions. As hardwood floor refinishing experts, N-Hance® can provide the answers you need. Here are some frequent inquiries we get about our process and our responses to each. If you don’t see your question below, reach out to our team to ask. We’re here to help!

How Much Does Hardwood Floor Refinishing Cost?

Cost is something that is specific to each project. For instance, the condition of your floors and whether they require some minor patching or serious repair will impact the price. The type of wood you have and also the size of the space will also play a role in the cost. In addition, the location where you live will impact pricing since labor costs fluctuate depending on the area of the country you call home. 

If you’d like a free quote on hardwood floor refinishing, we encourage you to contact N-Hance. With some details about your home and your hardwood floor refinishing needs, we can give you a written estimate for your job. We can also explain our options and discuss the timeframe, so you know what to expect and can make an informed choice.

How Long will the New Finish Last?

Lifespan will depend on how you use your floors. If you have a home full of kids and pets, your hardwood floors are going to endure a lot more wear and tear than if you’re a retiree or live alone. Likewise, how well and often you clean and maintain your floors also plays a part in the overall lifespan.

However, when you choose N-Hance, you can rest assured your floors will be prepped meticulously, refinished with superior products, and cured instantly with our Lightspeed® system. Lightspeed® uses UV. light to limit downtime, so you don’t have to wait days to fully use your floors. It also delivers a stronger, longer-lasting finish, which makes our service far superior to traditional floor refinishers. 

Should I Hire a Pro to Handle Hardwood Floor Refinishing or Do It Myself?

If you have experience with hardwood floor refinishing and the time to tackle the job, it’s worth considering a DIY approach. However, if you want impeccable results and don’t have the technical know-how or easy access to the right products and equipment, it can lead to a big mess and expensive damage. 

It’s why we always recommend calling N-Hance and talking to us about the cost, our approach, and how we make hardwood floor refinishing easy. Our consultations are free and there’s no obligation. 

Should I have My Hardwood Floors Refinished Now or Wait?

Not sure if your floors need to be refinished right away? There are a few ways to tell that it’s time to refinish your floors beyond the obvious signs of damage and wear. 

One way is to drop a couple of beads of water on the floor and observe whether they get soaked into the floor within a few minutes. If so, it’s time to refinish. This means the existing finish is no longer doing its job to protect the surface of the wood. If you wait, it can lead to even more damage and a more expensive refinishing job as a result. 

Likewise, if your floors are uneven or warped, it’s time to call in a professional. At N-Hance, we can handle a wide range of refinishing jobs, from basic to complex. This includes hardwood restoration when there are deep scratches, impressions, and indentations or planks that need to be replaced. 

If there is water damage in certain areas, this can cause boards to separate, which can take longer to fix.. In many cases, however, we can bring your floors back to life without having to replace them.

What if My Floors are Made from Bamboo or Another Non-Traditional Wood?

Yes, we can restore the finish on non-sandable floors, such as cork or bamboo. We can also work on engineered floors, hand-scraped floors, distressed hardwood, and floors sanded down to tongue and groove. 

We have extensive experience when it comes to restoring wood floors of all kinds and in many conditions. If you call us, we can give you more details and a price quote, so you know what to expect.  

Why Should I Choose N-Hance? 

Our expert craftsmen can restore the original shine and beauty to your floors without major mess or odor. In fact, our products are more sustainable, containing a lower level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and don’t leave behind the harsh fumes that often come with floor refinishing. 

We can also limit downtime thanks to our revolutionary Lightspeed® system, completing the job in a fraction of the time when compared to a traditional hardwood floor refinishing.

If you’re ready for hardwood floor refinishing from a team that can deliver fast, durable, beautiful results, call N-Hance at (855) 642-6230 to set up a FREE consultation.