Painting your cabinets sounds easy enough. But the reality is a lot more involved and complex. It’s why so many homeowners hire professional cabinet painters instead. 

Interested in doing the same? Then it’s important to do your homework first and ask the right questions. Not all cabinet painters are created equal. Some don’t prep properly, while others use sub-par or inappropriate products. You’ll see it in the end result. 

Instead, by asking meaningful questions, you’ll be able to hire cabinet painters who will do the best job possible, all at a cost you can afford. To help you jumpstart the process, here’s a look at a few key questions to put on your list.

What Kind of Paint Do You Use? 

You might think all professional cabinet painters use only the best-quality products. But it’s simply not the case. Some use latex-based paints, which are great on walls, but will not stand up to the wear and tear kitchen or bathroom cabinets experience. As a result, if your cabinets are painted with this kind of product, they will start to show signs of use quickly. 

Instead, look for cabinet painters who use a water-based polyurethane product. This type of paint has a harder surface and faster drying time, making it ideal for cabinets.

What Does Your Prep Process Involve?

Prepping before painting requires a lot more than just wiping down cabinets. If there are years of grease, wax, and other build-up or contaminants, it’s important to use a product that will wipe the slate clean, so to speak. This will give your cabinet painter a fresh palette to work on and lead to the best outcome once they’re done. 

Prep work should also include sanding down damaged or rough areas, fixing any holes or scratches, and priming. Priming is especially critical; so if a cabinet painter doesn’t take this step, cross them off the list. Without a high-adhesive, stain-blocking primer, paint won’t properly stick, and stains and other imperfections will bleed through eventually. 

How Will You Protect My Home?

When you’re hiring professional cabinet painters, you want to ensure the paint stays on the cabinets and doesn’t drip or get onto other areas, like floors or countertops. That’s why it’s important to ask potential painters how they will protect the space that isn’t getting painted. This can include any mix of drop clothes, plastic sheeting, or other approaches. You simply want to ensure they have a solid plan in place and that you have confidence in it. 

In addition to protecting your home during the project, ask the painter how they plan to clean up once the job is done. They should have a procedure in place for the end of each work day, such as where they will store their supplies until the next day, as well as a final cleaning plan for the completion of the project. 

Are Your Cabinet Painters Insured?

It’s unfortunate but true that if a painter gets injured on the job at your home or if they damage your property, you’re the one who’s liable. That’s where insurance comes in and why it is imperative to ask each painter about whether they are bonded and insured. 

Do not, under any circumstances, hire someone on the side or who is cheaper, but without insurance. It’s simply not worth taking the risk. Also, don’t be afraid to ask to see their certificate of insurance and to find out if their workers are employees or contractors. If they are contractors, then each one will need to be properly and individually insured. 

What’s the Timeline for My Project?

This will depend on the condition of your cabinets, how many there are, and the changes you want made. For instance, if your cabinets are in good shape and simply need to be refreshed, it will take less time then badly damaged cabinets.

Whatever your unique project entails, each cabinet painter should be able to give you an estimate as to how long it will take, including a firm start date. They should also provide a beginning and end time for each day they work. 

What is the Cost for Your Cabinet Painters?

Obviously, it’s important to ask this question ahead of time, so there aren’t any surprises. If the quote sounds high, find out why. For instance, there are seasons where cabinet painters might be more in demand and therefore have higher prices.

When Do I Pay You?

A painter should never require full payment upfront. Often, you’ll have to make a small deposit in order for them to start the work and then pay the balance upon completion. If, however, one asks for full payment before they’re done, then they could wind up rushing your job since they don’t have the motivation to perform quality work. 

Do You Have Any References or Before & After Photos You Can Provide?

You want the cabinet painter you decide to hire to have a proven track record of success with customers. It’s why verifying the quality of their work and their service level is important, whether by reviewing before and after photos, contacting a reference, or reading online reviews.  

The bottom line? When you ask these kinds of questions, it might take more time upfront, but you’ll end up with the right cabinet painter. This will have a big impact on your satisfaction with the final result and can even boost your home’s appeal and value.

Put N-Hance on Your List

If you’re interested in a bit of a different approach, one that will ensure a durable and beautiful end product, consider the team at N-Hance®. Our cabinet painters can restore, renew, or completely revamp your cabinets with a process that requires less time and cost than traditional services. We use:

  • A proprietary solution to clean your cabinets, removing any contaminants that could interfere with the end result.
  • A primer formulated especially for cabinets that blocks stains from bleeding through. 
  • Paints made from an acrylic polyurethane blend resulting in strong adhesion that resists chips or peeling.
  • Instant curing using our LightSpeed® system that delivers a rock-hard, durable finish with far less down time. 
  • A team that is professional and dedicated to your satisfaction, from the start of the job until the end. 

With N-Hance, you’ll get a space you love, one that feels brand new, with freshly painted cabinets in just days!

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