Is your kitchen always home to all the holiday parties and get-togethers? Is it looking a little tired and worn out, as a result? The last thing you have time for at this point of the year is a kitchen remodel. The good news is that with cabinet painting, you can bring your space back to life just in time for all that cooking, celebrating, and eating. Not only that, but a fresh look will update your home’s value, giving you something to cheer about heading into the New Year.

Here’s a look at a few different color options when it comes to giving your cabinets a new coat of paint – and a new look – so you can get them ready for the holiday season ahead:

Light Neutral

When it comes to cabinet painting colors, white is an especially on-trend choice right now. It’s also timeless, which means you’ll be happy with your selection years down the line. It’s open, inviting and can make a small kitchen space seem larger.

In addition, it provides a neutral backdrop against which to make some bold holiday decorating choices in your kitchen. White cabinets, or those painted in other light-colored neutral tones, such as cream or gray, will complement all your holiday decor. After the holidays are over, it will also work well with any wall paint colors, countertop, or backsplash you already have in your kitchen.

Dark Neutral

If you want to make a more dramatic statement, consider painting cabinets in a darker, neutral color, such as warm brown or rich black. These also provide a more neutral palette against which to decorate, both during the holidays and throughout the whole year. At the same time, the darker color offers a feel of more formality, depth, and luxury if that’s the atmosphere you’re going for. 

However, if your kitchen is on the cozier side, keep in mind that choosing dark cabinets can make it seem more closed in. This is especially true if it’s not well-lit with ample natural light. 

Bold & Bright

Want to make a more cheerful statement, rather than a dark one, during the holiday season and throughout the whole year? From merry and bright colors, like red and green to buttery yellow and cottage blue, you can choose from an endless palette of colors that will set your kitchen apart in the holiday season ahead. If you’re looking to host holiday get-togethers and parties that are truly memorable, these cabinet painting colors will make a bold statement, all while making your space warm and welcoming. 

How N-Hance® Can Help with Cabinet Painting

You’ve got a lot on your plate between shopping, cooking, baking, and spending time with family and friends. Let N-Hance change your cabinet color, while you enjoy the holiday season ahead. 

We don’t do traditional cabinet painting but instead take a more careful and thorough approach. This includes first cleaning and priming your cabinets, so the surface is more adhesive and ready to accept the new color you choose. 

We’ll then apply the color of your choice and a top coat. Finally, with our Lightspeed® Instant-Cure Wood Refinishing system, we’ll instantly cure the finish, completing the project in much less time than with a traditional approach.

We also offer several different options to choose from, depending on the condition of your cabinets and your vision for your kitchen. These include:

Classic Cabinet Refinishing

This is a great choice if you love your cabinets and the color, but you’re just noticing chips, cracks, scratches, discoloration, and other signs of wear and tear. Rather than painting them the usual way, we can breathe new life into cabinets with a new coat of finish or a slight change of color. It’s also an easy and effective way to transform the look and feel of your space just in time for the holiday season so you impress your guests.

Cabinet Color Change 

Want a dramatic shift in the color of your cabinets and the look and feel of your kitchen? With our cabinet color change service, we offer an endless array of custom colors, whether you’re interested in something soft and neutral or something cheerful and bright. You can fully express yourself this holiday season with our countless tones, tints, and shades. We also offer glazed, antiqued, and torched finishes.

Whatever you choose, these services are better than painting yourself and also around ⅓ of the cost of refacing your cabinets and ⅕ of the cost of replacing them. So you’ll have plenty of room in your holiday budget for presents, donations, entertaining, and more. Not only that, but you’ll get a new look in a matter of days. As a result, you’ll have more time to spend on what matters most – family and friends – while we handle your cabinet update. 

Find out more about getting your kitchen in picture-perfect shape for the holiday season with our cabinet painting service by calling (855) 642-6230 today to request a FREE estimate.