When it comes time to update your kitchen cabinetry, you havea few different options

If you want to restore your cabinets to their original appearance, refinishing will be your best bet. To change the color of your cabinets, you can opt for a new stain or a custom color finish. Or maybe you want to completely re-style your cabinets? In that case, you’ll want to think about refacing kitchen cabinets or cabinet door replacements.

At N-Hance, our service involves removing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts and replacing them with new ones. Meanwhile, cabinet boxes are updated with matching exteriors, but the underlying construction of your cabinets remains unchanged. This makes refacing kitchen cabinets much cheaper than a full-scale cabinet replacement.

So how does the N-Hance method of cabinet refacing differ from traditional refacing services? Let’s take a look. There are two main features to refacing kitchen cabinets.

Feature #1: New cabinet doors and drawer fronts
Traditional Refacing Services: Provide new doors and drawer fronts to meet your style choices.
N-Hance: Provide new doors and drawer fronts to meet your style choices.

Feature #2: Updating cabinet boxes
Traditional Refacing Services: Apply a thin veneer to cover the existing cabinet box.
N-Hance: Apply a new custom finish that provides a like new, factory finish to the cabinet boxes.

The real difference you see is in Feature #2. While both N-Hance and traditional refacing services will provide you with new doors and drawer fronts, it’s the box of the cabinet where you will really see the value of our service.

Typically, updating the cabinet box is accomplished by sheathing the shells with wood or thermofoil veneers. The results might look attractive on a temporary basis. However, the truth is that veneers can be chipped or scratched quite easily. And with the amount of usage and wear and tear a kitchen faces on a daily basis having a durable surface on your cabinets shouldn’t be an option. It should be a requirement.

Traditional veneers also come with additional drawbacks that might make you reconsider this option. Those include:

  • Increased risk of cabinet damage
  • Eliminating the option to resurface your cabinets in the future
  • Lower the value of your home

By refacing kitchen cabinets with N-Hance®, you can avoid these problems. Like any other refacing service, we will update your cabinet doors and drawer fronts in a new style. But instead of applying veneers to your cabinets, we will apply a custom finish that retains the integrity of your original cabinet shells. This way, your cabinet shells retain their durability, natural beauty, and value.

Our method of updating boxes includes our unique Lightspeed® Nano instant-cure finish. With Lightspeed, we are able to cure wood surfaces using ultraviolet (UV) light. The finish you’ll experience with N-Hance has the same look, feel, and durability of an original factory finish. This helps to ensure that no matter how much time you spend in your kitchen, your cabinets will look better for longer, retaining their value, and providing a long-term return on your home improvement investment.

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