If you’re hiring N-Hance® for the first time, you’ll be surprised at the uniqueness of our wood refinishing process.

This one-of-a-kind process has none of the mess or odors associated with traditional wood refinishing. Even better, it reduces indoor air pollution by eliminating wood dust and avoiding hazardous finishes. Plus, it allows us to refinish wood surfaces much faster than other refinishing companies.

Our unique process is possible thanks to a range of innovative practices and products. So let’s take a look at three of the biggest innovations behind this unique approach to refinishing.

Wood Refinishing Without Sanding

When refinishing wood, sanding accomplishes two important things. First, it removes the existing layer of finish. Second, it roughens the surface of the wood. This allows the new layer of finish to properly bond with the wood.

But as we’ve mentioned before, sanding comes with serious drawbacks. Most of these drawbacks relate to wood dust, which is hard to contain and a pain to clean up. Wood dust also poses significant health risks, including short-term and long-term health impacts if inhaled.

That’s why the N-Hance wood refinishing process involves zero sanding. Instead, we use a liquid abrasion treatment. Ultimately, this has the same effect as sanding. It removes the previous finish layer and preps the wood for a new finish application.

But unlike sanding, it doesn’t produce any wood dust. This way, homeowners don’t find wood dust in cracks or crevices months after a wood refinishing job. And it means they don’t need to worry about inhaling airborne wood dust.

Water-Based Polyurethane Finishes

Wood dust isn’t the only airborne pollutant linked to traditional wood refinishing methods. Historically, the most popular products for finishing wood have been oil-based finishes. These types of finishes remain popular to this day, despite the risks that they pose to human health.

Inside most oil-based finishes, you’ll find powerful chemical solvents. Inside these solvents, you’ll find high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which result in toxic fumes. These fumes can be lethal to small pets and pose severe health risks to human beings in the days following a major refinishing project. Worse yet, oil-based finished can continue to off-gas for months after curing.

At N-Hance, we avoid oil-based finishes in favor of water-based cabinet finishes. Water-based polyurethane finishes have existed for several years, but they were often considered inferior to oil-based finishes. But thanks to new and improved production methods, water-based finishes now boast a phenomenal reputation for their quality, longevity, and crystal-clear appearance.

Our water-based polyurethane finishes contain none of the toxic solvents that you’d find in an oil-based finish. That means you don’t need to worry about the toxic fumes and foul smells produced by traditional wood refinishing.

Lightspeed® and Lightspeed Plus™ Refinishing

Today, a number of wood refinishing companies offer water-based finishes. And if you’re looking for a refinishing service that doesn’t require sanding, you can find one in most markets. But there’s only one company that offers Lightspeed® refinishing: N-Hance!

Lightspeed® is a one-of-a-kind system that N-Hance technicians use to refinish wood faster, with higher-quality results. The Lightspeed® system uses ultraviolet light to instantly cure the new layer of finish. While other refinishing products take hours or days to cure, Lightspeed® does the job in mere seconds.

Thanks to Lightspeed®, N-Hance can accomplish major refinishing projects in a fraction of the time. A typical hardwood floor refinishing project takes 3 to 5 days. But with N-Hance, it can be accomplished in only one! Not only is this more convenient, but it also prevents the finish from becoming compromised. You won’t need to worry about dust or grit settling into the finish as it cures, so you’re assured high-quality results.

N-Hance is also the only refinishing company to offer Lightspeed Plus™, an antimicrobial refinishing process designed for kitchen cabinets. Lightspeed Plus™ prevents bacteria from colonizing cabinet surfaces. E. coli, salmonella, and other dangerous microbes have less space to work with in your kitchen, reducing the risk of foodborne illness in your home.

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