Refacing cabinets is one of the best ways to transform the look of your kitchen. But to make that work, you’ll need a vision for your project. Without one, refacing cabinets can produce a disjointed look. 

For some people, design ideas come naturally. But for the rest of us—including most professional designers—great design starts with a source of inspiration. 

So if you’re refacing cabinets and need ideas or inspiration, here are some of the best places to look.

Tips for Finding Cabinet Refacing Inspiration 

When you’re searching for design inspiration, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the options. Below are some tips on how to find the right look, avoid confusion, and keep your refacing project on track. 

Keep Your Kitchen in Mind. Some design choices look great in certain kitchens but terrible in others. Dark cabinets, for instance, can be trouble in kitchens with limited light or a narrow layout. So make sure you’re always evaluating ideas based on your kitchen’s layout and features.

Stick to Your Style. Every home should reflect the personality of its owners. But when you’re looking for ideas for refacing cabinets, it’s easy to fall for out-there designs that look great but aren’t quite “you.” Try instead to find something that looks great and speaks to your personal style.

What’s Left Out? A picture might say a thousand words. But it leaves several others unsaid. When you browse photos of different design concepts, ask yourself: How easy is this to clean? How functional is this kitchen? How extensively does my design need to change for this to work? 

Sources of Inspiration for Refacing Cabinets

When you’re refacing cabinets, we suggest searching for inspiration in a few different places:

Social Media. Whether you’re following on-trend interior designers or experts in refacing cabinets, social media’s the perfect place to find inspiration for kitchen design. 

Design Blogs. If you can find a blog you like, you’ll not only find great design photos but also explanations of what makes these designs work.

Home Listings. Real estate listings are a great way to find photos of recently remodeled kitchens, and they will show you what kinds of cabinets add value to your kitchen.

TV Shows. Sometimes, an addiction to HGTV can pay off. One benefit of getting inspiration from design shows? You’ll see the spaces from all angles—not just one or two convenient vantage points. 

Kitchen Accents. Refacing cabinets often involves updating other parts of the kitchen, like cabinet hardware or counters. In these cases, it’s often easier to choose the accents first, then find cabinets to match. 

Cabinet Samples. Many people wait until they’re ready for refacing before they look at cabinet door samples. But looking at samples early on can be a great way to kickstart the design process. 

Professional Advice. Want ideas for refacing cabinets? Then it’s a good idea to talk with someone who refaces cabinets for a living.

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