When you’re thinking about updating your cabinets, the cost is a big concern. These days, material prices seem higher than ever, while turnaround times are dragging out. Should you replace your cabinets with brand new ones, or is cabinet refacing the right way to go?

If you want to save both time and money, the answer is simple: reface your cabinets. This process is much faster than cabinet replacement and can be performed in a matter of days, not weeks. Even better, you’ll save significantly when you choose to reface rather than replace because the project is far less extensive. 

With cabinet refacing, there’s no cost for demolition or purchasing new cabinet boxes, which make up the bulk of your cabinets. All you’ll be doing is replacing the doors and drawer fronts, as well as upgrading pulls and knobs. You’ll get a dramatic and beautiful look – that’s all you – at a fraction of the cost. 

Speaking of costs, just what are the prices for cabinet refacing? It depends on your specific project, but factors involved in the final cost include the following: 

The Approach

Some companies will not fully reface your cabinets. They will instead cover your existing cabinets – including doors, drawer fronts, and boxes –  with an inexpensive veneer or thermofoil laminate. While this is the least expensive approach to cabinet refacing, it’s definitely not the most durable. This approach actually makes cabinets more vulnerable. If they become damaged, there won’t be an easy way to fix them. 

In addition, you typically cannot remove the veneer once it’s on without damaging the underlying wood. That means if you don’t like the end result, you could wind up footing the bill of a full replacement. 

The good news is that there is a different approach and it’s the one N-Hance® uses. We will fully replace the doors and drawer fronts with brand new, custom-made ones. They are produced from quality wood, so they not only look beautiful but last for years to come. We’ll then paint the cabinet boxes to match. Even better? This approach is still far less costly than a full replacement at a fraction of the price.

The Materials

When you’re refacing your cabinets, there are many decisions to make, including:

  • The type of wood
  • The design style of the new doors and drawer fronts
  • Whether you want them painted or stained

You can choose from a range of wood types, from oak and maple to cherry and pine. Associated costs will change with your choice. 

The design for your new doors and drawer fronts will also impact the final price tag. You can choose from a simple flat front or Shaker design to a more intricate one with glass panel fronts and custom crown molding on the upper cabinetry. 

The Size

The size of your kitchen and the number of cabinets will also play a big role in the cost. A small, cozy kitchen will come in at a lower price to reface than a grand, open layout kitchen. However, whatever the size of your kitchen, you can always be rest assured you are saving thousands of dollars by choosing refacing instead of replacing your cabinets. 

The money saved on refacing can then be redirected to other improvements. Some common upgrades homeowners undertake at the same time as cabinet refacing include:

  • New appliances
  • A tile backsplash
  • New wall paint
  • Area rugs for your kitchen

Your budget will go much farther and you’ll still be able to get a space that is completely transformed, whether you’re looking for a warm, rustic look or a simple, modern one.

The Upgrades

Other details can drive up the cost of your cabinet refacing project. These include upgrading the hardware and adding in additional features, like a pull-out drawer for your trash and recycle bin. 

Additional areas you can upgrade include any finishing techniques you’d like, such as glazing, torching, or antiquing. These are simply more ways you can personalize your cabinets to get the final look you’ve always wanted. 

Other Benefits Besides Cost to Cabinet Refacing

Besides being less expensive, refacing – rather than replacing your cabinets – is a more eco-friendly solution. Not only will you be saving money, but trees too. The process to reface requires less wood, which not only reduces the number of trees used but also the fossil fuels to transport them. 

In addition, when you choose to reface instead of replace your cabinets, you can enjoy a far faster turnaround. Refacing with a company like N-Hance saves weeks of family disruptionReplacing, on the other hand, can take weeks and involves far more mess and disruption. Once you’ve made your cabinet refacing selections, you can simply sit back and relax while we do all the work. You won’t believe the difference we’ll make in just a few days.

Finally, not only will you have cabinets that look beautiful, but also last longer. In fact, at N-Hance, we offer refaced cabinets with the same durability and longevity as those that are top-quality and factory-finished. This is partly due to our curing process. We use our proprietary Lightspeed® UV technology to instantly cure your cabinets. This creates a rock-hard finish that will last for years to come. 

If you’re ready to find out more about all your cabinet refacing choices with N-Hance, call (855) 642-6230 to set up a FREE consultation.