N-Hance® kitchen cabinet refinishing services provide homeowners with an easy way to renew old kitchen cabinets. But unlike traditional refinishing services, our refinishing process offers a number of unique advantages.

While most refinishers continue to use traditional methods, materials, and equipment, N-Hance offers a state-of-the-art alternative. Our one-of-a-kind process is based around our Lightspeed™ system, which uses ultraviolet light to cure your finish. This process boasts a number of important benefits, including faster refinishing times, long-lasting results, and fewer health concerns.

Why N-Hance for Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Services?

1. Affordable Cabinet Updates. Nobody wants a drab, uninspiring kitchen. But that doesn’t mean you need to take out a second mortgage to brighten your kitchen with a crisp, like-new appearance. N-Hance kitchen cabinet refinishing services breathe new life into scuffed, scratched, and faded kitchen cabinets for pennies on the dollar compared to a full-scale remodel.

If you’re looking for a more extensive change to your kitchen’s appearance, N-Hance can help you keep your project at a budget-friendly price point. Our cabinet color change service can bring a completely new look to your kitchen and is far less expensive than refacing or replacing your cabinets.

2. Quick & Convenient Process. N-Hance offers a quick and convenient alternative to traditional kitchen cabinet refinishing services. With a traditional refinishing service, cabinet exteriors need sanding, which takes a substantial amount of time. What’s more, each layer of primer, finish, and sealants needs time to cure. This can render your kitchen unusable for an extended period of time.

Thanks to our Lightspeed refinishing process, we can refinish your cabinets in a fraction of the time. Lightspeed’s UV refinishing system works without sanding, which reduces the prep time needed for refinishing. What’s more, it cures the finish instantly, so you don’t need to stand around waiting for your cabinets to cure.

3. Family-Friendly Technologies. Our kitchen cabinet refinishing services aren’t just quicker than traditional refinishing, they’re also more family-friendly. Traditional refinishing can result in mild to acute indoor air pollution, caused by wood dust from sanding and VOCs from primers, finishes, and sealants.

N-Hance kitchen cabinet refinishing services offer up a much more family-friendly option. By removing sanding from the refinishing process, we eliminate wood dust pollution. Lightspeed also generates low VOCs, so you don’t need to worry about toxic fumes polluting the air in your home.

4. Environmentally Responsible. In addition to being healthier for your family, the Lightspeed process is gentler on the environment. After all, the same fumes and pollutants that cause problems for people also cause problems for the planet.

By choosing N-Hance kitchen cabinet refinishing services, you can keep the environmental impact of refinishing to a minimum. At the same time, you’ll be conserving natural resources by refinishing your cabinets instead of replacing them, a process that uses up valuable wood and fossil fuels.

5. Durable & Long-Lasting Finish. Different types of kitchen cabinet finishes have different lifespans. Some finishes retain their integrity for well over a decade. Others become prone to scruffs, scratches, and discoloration after just a few years.

With N-Hance kitchen cabinet refinishing services, you won’t need to worry about the durability and longevity of your new finish. Our cabinet finishes have been rigorously tested for their resistance to damage and discoloration, earning high marks for their long-term performance.

6. Expert Guidance & Consultation. When you’re updating your kitchen cabinets, a little guidance goes a long way. At N-Hance, we know how important the look of your cabinets will be to the feel and appearance of your kitchen. It’s important to us that you find the perfect finish for your cabinets.

When you choose N-Hance, you get more than a kitchen cabinet refinishing service. You also get the expert guidance and advice that you need to choose the perfect look for your kitchen. We provide samples of different colors, styles, and finishes. We’re also more than happy to give professional tips to help you achieve your dream kitchen.

7. Picture-Perfect Kitchen Cabinets. In the end, there are few qualities more important that the visual impact of kitchen cabinet refinishing services. With N-Hance, the beauty of your cabinets is never in question. Our refinishing process delivers a like-new, factory-style finish with exceptional consistency and clarity.

N-Hance makes it easy to refresh the look of outdated cabinets or give your kitchen cabinets an entirely new appearance. Even better, you’ll achieve these results without the price tag, long wait times, and pollution concerns associated with standard refinishing services.

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