At N-Hance®, we’re known for making over the outside of cabinets. Now, we can transform the inside, as well, with our kitchen cabinet storage solutions.

If you’d like to increase the functionality of the space inside your cabinets, we have a wide range of options to consider. You can say goodbye to:

  • Messy, cluttered drawers you can barely close
  • Hard-to-reach items in cabinets
  • A frustrating lack of countertop space

Instead, with our kitchen storage, we will give you significantly more space in a beautifully organized way.

Storage for Kitchen Cabinets  

With our storage solutions for kitchen cabinets, we’ll maximize the space you already have. With cabinet storage, you’ll still have the same number of cabinets, but they will hold more! The items inside your cabinets will also be easier to reach and keep organized in a way that makes sense. 

Utensils, pots and pans, dish soap, and more will be simple to grab, whether you’re cooking, cleaning or entertaining. There will be no more digging around, fruitlessly searching for what you need. Your kitchen cabinets and the space within them will be fully utilized.

Some ways we can do this include through kitchen cabinet storage like:

  • A pull-out trash drawer.
    Put away the ugly trash once and for all with a pull-out, soft-close system. You can quietly slide the trash out of sight and away from kids and pets.
  • A recycling center.
    Keeping up with items to recycle can be a pain. With our system, it’s simple. You’ll get two large bins – one for trash and one for recycling – that makes it easy to separate the two.
  • Pull-out drawers.
    If you have pots and pans in your base cabinets, they can be difficult to reach. With our sturdy pull-out drawers, we make it easy to access these and other everyday items.
  • Base utility pull-out.
    Want to get rid of the utensil jar or knife set on your counter? The base utility pullout is the perfect place to store these items. This storage solution holds everything from scissors and knives to a range of cooking utensils and household items. 
  • Under-sink pull-out portero.
    The space under the sink often goes under-utilized. No more with N-Hance’s under-sink portero. This features a heavy gauge wire basket with a sturdy plastic bottom that smoothly glides out. It offers the perfect place for cleaning products, sponges, dishwasher detergent, and dish soap.
  • Under-sink mat.
    Protect the area under the sink from everyday life with this mat. It shields the bottom of your base cabinet from water, cooking oil, soap, and a host of other spills and messes that can damage the surface.
  • Pull-out tray dividers.
    From cutting boards to cookie sheets and muffin tins, this tray divider offers an easy way to keep bakeware and other large, flat, cooking items upright, organized, and easier to access.  

Storage for Inside Corner Kitchen Cabinets  

In addition to our many storage solutions for standard kitchen cabinets, we also have options for corner cabinets, too. You can take this awkward space and transform it completely with help from N-Hance. Everything stored inside will be easy to browse and reach, even those items stored in the deepest parts. 

We offer several options for corner cabinets, including our pivoting tray system. This is built with two shelves and can open to the left or to the right. It can also be mounted inside a cabinet with or without a frame. The trays extend out with the door, opening to 85 degrees so there’s no collision with cabinets or appliances. It also offers an optional soft-closing mechanism for quiet use. 

In addition, we offer traditional Lazy Susans, featuring two shelves, with heights that are adjustable to your specific needs. Once installed, you can easily rotate the trays and find what you need, better maximizing corner cabinet space. We offer several sizes for trays, all made from durable, quality materials and hardware. 

Storage Solutions for Kitchen Drawers

Your drawers are yet another area that can get messy and cluttered – fast. When you’re cooking, baking, or entertaining, messy drawers cause frustration. Make life easier with our kitchen storage solutions for inside drawers, including:

  • Drawer organizer.
    Skip the chaotic drawers and get everything in shape. We can even create a drawer organizer customized to your unique drawer size, giving you an easy and functional way to store utensils.
  • Coffee/tea pod insert.
    Tired of messy K-Cups or boxes of them taking up space in your pantry? Now you can have a drawer designed just for them, so they are easy to access, yet neat and tidy, too. 
  • Beverage drawer.
    This is ideal if you have a busy family or entertain often. It features layered, sliding components that invite you to take a coffee pod, tea bag, spoon, sugar packet, or another beverage accessory.
  • Spice drawer.
    Spices can be impossible to keep organized. Yet, N-Hance makes it easy with our insert, allowing you to see all your spices at a glance, then grab what you need and go. It features three tiers and rear storage for those less-often-used spices. 

Storage Solutions for Small Kitchen Appliances  

Are you tired of a mixer or toaster taking up all your counter space? With our appliance lift, you can store these and other larger household items away and easily access them when needed. 

This unique kitchen storage solution is installed with spring-loaded supports that lift your appliance up to counter height on a thick, wood shelf. The built-in dampeners allow for gentle gliding back into your cabinet, providing yet another kitchen cabinet storage solution that works for everyday life. 

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