Over time, kitchen cabinets can take a beating. Bumps and scrapes lead to scratches and scuffs. Water and food juices result in unsightly stains. And after years of use, the cabinet finish wears away, leaving the wood looking dull and unattractive. At that point, you need to decide between kitchen cabinet restoration or replacing your kitchen cabinets entirely.

In many cases, homeowners initially lean toward wholesale replacement. In others, they assume that their cabinets need to be refaced. Yet refinishing your cabinets can deliver results that are just as attractive and long-lasting, at a fraction of the cost.

Before spending a fortune replacing or refacing kitchen cabinets, you’ll want to speak with a kitchen cabinet restoration specialist. In doing so, you could save yourself a ton of time, hassle, and money on cabinet restoration.

The Benefits of Kitchen Cabinet Restoration

If your kitchen cabinets are in especially rough shape, restoration may seem out of the question. In fact, most cabinets can be restored to like-new condition, so long as the underlying wood remains structurally sound. Typically, cabinet replacement is only necessary for severe wood damage, such as dry rot, water damage, or termite infestation.

While some types of damage take more time and effort to correct, kitchen cabinet restoration is still less disruptive and expensive than replacing or refacing your cabinets. Light scratches, surface stains, and degraded finish can all be easily fixed by professional refinishers. Meanwhile, deep scratches, gouges, and wood discoloration can be fixed by a skilled kitchen cabinet restoration specialist.

Of course, many homeowners choose to reface or replace their kitchen cabinets for reasons beyond wear and tear. If you’re updating the visual style of your kitchen, refacing our cabinets may seem like the best way to achieve a new look. Alternatively, you might be thinking of replacing your cabinets to make room for new appliances or to re-organize your space.

In both cases, it’s worth considering cost-friendly alternatives. If you want a new aesthetic, it will cost less to recolor your existing cabinets and update them with new hardware. And if you’re concerned about storage space or kitchen organization, there are a ton of strategies and products you can use to maximize available space.

Kitchen Cabinet Restorations with N-Hance

If your kitchen cabinets need professional restoration, your local N-Hance® can help you start planning and budgeting your project.

N-Hance kitchen cabinet restoration services cover everything from basic refinishing to more intensive restoration projects. Our cabinet refinishing services use our innovative Lightspeed® system to restore cabinets without any of the wood dust or chemical odors of traditional refinishing. It also allows us to complete refinishing projects in a timely manner, with most projects completed in just a few days.

If your cabinets require more extensive restoration work, your local N-Hance has you covered as well. Our technicians can restore your cabinets to a like-new appearance, even in cases of deep scratches, extensive scuffing, or exposed and discolored wood.

We also make it easy to update the look of your cabinets without spending a fortune to reface or replace your current cabinets. We offer a complete range of custom colors, giving you an easy way to refresh the look of your kitchen. As with our standard refinishing services, our custom color finishes use Lightspeed® U.V. technology to give your cabinets a durable, factory-like finish.

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