At N-Hance®, customers often ask us about what makes our custom color finishes unique from traditional cabinet painting. The short answer is, “a lot.” But that doesn’t tell you much about the distinct benefits of our custom finishes — like superior durability, consistency, and personalization — or how we achieve these benefits.

To give you a better sense of how N-Hance compares to traditional cabinet painting services, here’s a point-by-point breakdown of what makes our custom color finishes so special…

N-Hance Custom Colors vs. Cabinet Painting

Cabinet Prep

A lot of people — including some professional painters — underestimate the importance of cleaning on cabinet painting projects. Over time, kitchen cabinets attract a thin layer of caked-on grime, especially if cabinets are near the stove. This grime can prevent paint from sticking to cabinets. To make matters worse, it’s near-impossible to clean with standard detergents.

To solve this problem, N-Hance uses a proprietary cleaning agent to prep your cabinets. We use this product to remove built-up grime, along with any other residual dust, dirt, oils, and wax on your cabinet exteriors. Proper cleaning will ensure that our custom colors adhere thoroughly and there is no risk of peeling.

Choice of Primer

Kitchen cabinets need to withstand regular use and frequent cleanings. Because of this, priming is a crucial step for painting kitchen cabinets. Without a good primer, paint will have trouble adhering to the cabinets, causing it to wear away prematurely.

Unfortunately, many painters use wall primers for cabinet painting projects. This type of primer can wear down prematurely on cabinets. That’s why N-Hance uses a specially formulated cabinet primer, which is designed to withstand the kitchen environment, block stains, and prevent bleed-through.

Color Selection

When you choose a custom color finish from N-Hance, you can choose literally any color you want. Our custom colors can be mixed to any tint, tone, or shade, giving you a full spectrum of options.

Paint Formula

Most cabinet painting projects are completed using latex paints, which are formulated for painting interior walls. These paints have trouble withstanding the level of usage that your kitchen cabinets will need to endure.

N-Hance custom color finishes have been formulated specifically for cabinets. Rather than a latex base, we use a water-based polyurethane base, combined with acrylic tinting formulas. This makes our custom color finishes more durable, long-lasting, and scratch-resistant than latex paints.

Painting Technique

Visible brushstrokes and drip marks are two of the most common complaints after homeowners have had their cabinets painted. Painters can usually get away with these imperfections on other, less visually prominent fixtures. But on kitchen cabinets, they stand out like a sore thumb.

With an N-Hance custom color finish, you can enjoy a factory-like finish. We accomplish this by using a spray technique, rather than using rollers or bristle brushes. The result is a smooth, consistent coating, with no brushstrokes or drip marks.


During a typical cabinet painting project, you’ll need to wait for the primer, paint, and topcoat to cure. In many cases, the topcoat can take days to cure. Your cabinets will be out of commission this entire time, and the fumes from the curing process may give your home an off-putting odor.

N-Hance uses our exclusive Lightspeed® instant-cure system to avoid these concerns. Lightspeed® uses ultraviolet light to instantly cure the topcoat into a durable, rock-hard finish. This way, you don’t need to wait to start using your cabinets, and your home won’t be filled with funny-smelling fumes. Lightspeed® also has an anti-microbial property that reduces bacteria by 99% leaving you with a healthier home.

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