Behind those scuffed, faded or scratched floors is a natural beauty that will enhance your home. How do you unlock it? It’s easy with hardwood floor restoration from N-Hance®

Do you have deep scratches in your oak floors? Have your cherry floors lost their luster? It’s not a problem. Our experienced team of technicians can help. 

We can also restore floors where the finish has turned gray or black due to heavy foot traffic. In fact, we’re experts when it comes to hardwood restoration and will leave your floors completely transformed. 

Even better, our process is surprisingly simple and budget-friendly. We won’t disrupt your life for weeks on end. Instead, we’ll restore your floors quickly and affordably, so you can enjoy them once again. Here’s how we do it:

We’ll Prepare Your Hardwood Floors for Restoration

At N-Hance, we don’t have to sand floors. Instead, we use a process that includes a liquid abrasion treatment. Why is this important? Because with our process there’s no dust to worry about getting into the air, which can pose serious health risks if inhaled. You also don’t have to deal with dust lingering for months in all the nooks and crannies of your home. Best of all, the results are the same as sanding.  

If there are deep scratches, stains or gaps in your floors, our technicians will then repair and fix them. Every step of the way, our hardwood floor restoration team will take great care to eliminate all signs of damage your floors have accumulated over the years. 

We’ll Apply a Family-Friendly Finish to Your Hardwood Floors

Once your floors are fully repaired and properly prepped, we’ll then apply a water-based finish. This is a family-friendly product that does not emit the same toxic fumes as many other products, including the oil-based ones often used in hardwood floor restoration. These products contain high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are emitted over months and can be harmful to both people and the planet. They can even be lethal to small pets. 

With N-Hance, you don’t have to worry about this. Our products contain only low levels of VOCs and are safe for your loved ones and your four-legged family members.

We’ll Cure Your Hardwood Floors Instantly 

One drawback to hardwood floor restoration is the cure time. It can take several days or even weeks before your newly restored floors are ready for use.

With N-Hance, there is a faster way. It’s through our proprietary LightSpeed® system, which uses U.V. Light to cure your floors immediately. You don’t need to wait days for them to dry. 

Instead, our process delivers a rock-hard, durable finish in seconds. Even in cases where your floors are badly damaged, we can repair and restore them quickly, within just a few days, thanks to our LightSpeed system. 

Not only is this far more convenient for your family and your life, but also ensures the new finish isn’t compromised. You also don’t have to worry about grit, sand or dirt settling onto the finish as it’s drying. We deliver a higher-quality result, in less time.

We can Refinish Your Cabinets, Too

Thanks to our affordable approach to hardwood floor restoration, you might realize you have room in your budget for other areas of your home, like your cabinets. With N-Hance, we can refinish your cabinets to like-new condition at the same time as we’re refurbishing your floors. This will have a huge impact on your home’s look and feel, as well as its value.

With N-Hance, we take the same simple approach to cabinet refinishing as we do to hardwood floor restoration. We can restore your wood cabinets to their original condition, so they look like they just arrived from the factory. Your whole kitchen will be revitalized with cabinets that have an improved lifespan. 

If you’d prefer to have your cabinets painted or refaced instead, our team can help there, as well. We offer custom cabinet painting services that include 11 standard colors from which to choose. We can also match any color you’d like if you bring us a sample. 

With our cabinet refacing process, we’ll replace your cabinet doors and drawer fronts. We’ll leave the boxes in place and simply repair them where needed and paint or stain them to match. You can choose from many different design styles and colors that are a fit for your vision and your lifestyle. 

Just as we do with our hardwood floor restoration, we use family-friendly products that are safe for the environment. Whether we’re refinishing, or refacing your cabinets, we also use our LightSpeed system to deliver a durable finish that will last for many years to come. You can have a whole new kitchen for a fraction of the cost of replacing the floors and cabinets.

If you’d like to learn more about our hardwood floor restoration services and cabinet refinishing, painting, or refacing, call your local N-Hance at (855) 642-6230 today to set up a FREE design consultation.