If you prefer a warm, classic look, then a traditional kitchen is likely the right fit for you. However, that does not mean the space has to be stuffy or formal. Rather, it means neutral, muted colors and soft patterns combined with timeless furniture and decor. 

This aesthetic is so popular because it offers a place where everyone feels comfortable and likes to gather. Plus, when you have a traditional kitchen, you can rest assured it won’t go out of style anytime soon. To get there, here are some tips from our cabinet painters.

Paint Your Cabinets

When you want a sophisticated yet cozy kitchen, start with the color of your cabinets. These serve as the anchor of your space, and with warm, classic colors, you can capture the welcoming, homey feel of a traditional kitchen. 

Some options our cabinet painters often provide for those who want a traditional kitchen include different shades of white, cream, taupe, gray, and soft green. These classic and neutral options will complement nearly any selection of flooring, countertops, furniture, lighting, and other decor you have in your traditional home. 

Stain Your Cabinets

If you don’t want to paint your kitchen cabinets, our cabinet painters can stain them instead to capture the traditional style. Consider choosing a deep stain color that highlights the beauty and luster of the wood. You can also opt for other finishing techniques from our cabinet painters, such as glazing or antiquing, that will further personalize your cabinets and accentuate their details. These techniques add richness and dimension and will incorporate more visual appeal into your kitchen. 

Enhance Your Cabinets (and Your Appliances)

Beyond hiring our painters to paint your kitchen cabinets, you can consider a few other options, such as adding a wall of glass-paneled cabinets or investing in crown or base molding for your cabinets. These small details will make a big impact on the appearance of your kitchen, adding a sense of refined elegance that is at the heart of the traditional style. 

Looking for other ways to capture the traditional aesthetic in your kitchen? Opt for a classic backsplash tile to complement your cabinets, such as cream subway tile in a herringbone pattern. Also, consider investing in paneled appliances that match your cabinets. 

Bring the Outdoors Inside

In addition to cabinet painting, choose other finishes that incorporate natural materials, including:

  • Limestone, stone, or hardwood flooring
  • Marble, soapstone, or granite countertops
  • A stone or ceramic tile backsplash

You can also opt for other finishes that fit the classic aesthetic. For instance, fruit and flower patterns on wallpaper or table linens will bring a sense of history and glamor to the space. You can also mix and match patterns and colors; however, when you do, be sure to stick to a soft, muted palette. 

Invest in a Few Period Pieces

If you have modern decor or furniture, it’s going to clash with the traditional vision you have in your head. Ditch the contemporary furniture and invest in a few period pieces. Some ideas include a dark hardwood kitchen table with carved legs; an elegant chandelier over the kitchen table or island; or antique lamps for a kitchen hutch. You can also mix and match pieces made from different materials with various textures. This will add a feeling of luxury to the space.

Avoid Modern Flourishes

When you’re aiming for traditional decor, avoid window treatments, area rugs, and fabrics with geometric patterns. Also, skip colorful cabinets when choosing paint colors and stay away from streamlined hardware for the cabinet door knobs and drawer pulls. Instead, choose products with more fine details in suitable metals like antiqued bronze, nickel, or pewter with a matte finish. 

Since you’re trying to create a stately, dignified look, steer clear of other modern finishes like laminate, veneer, and lacquer. In addition, when painting your kitchen cabinets, opt for a soft, muted sheen and avoid a high-gloss one. 

Aim for Symmetry 

When you’re styling your kitchen in a traditional way, arrange the elements of the space in a cohesive, balanced way. This creates a sense of order and symmetry, which is at the center of traditional design. For instance, make sure wall art is balanced and centered. You can also achieve this by installing three equally-sized pendants over your kitchen island and completing the space with three hardwood bar stools in a deep, rich stain that features elegant lines. 

Let Our Cabinet Painters Further Inspire You!

Still trying to get inspired and make the right choices for your kitchen? Explore our gallery for ideas on cabinet paints and colors or connect with our team for a consultation. 

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