The New Year is nearly here and it’s a great season to refresh your home. After all, it’s all about “out with the old and in with the new.” If your focus for a home remodel in 2023 is painting your kitchen cabinets, now’s the ideal time to begin researching options for colors. 

The right color can do more than just shift how a room looks, it change the entire energy of the space. Whether you want more soothing, calming tones, or something bright and bold, the color you choose will go along way toward achieving your goals. 

With so many trends to consider, you can upgrade your kitchen in a way that makes it look more refined or more rustic. With that in mind, here’s a look at 8 different colors that are hot for the year ahead.

Find your favorite, get inspired, and enhance your kitchen cabinets in a way you love.

#1: Warm White

White is always a popular choice and a classic today, tomorrow and in the future. However, while cool, crisp tones have been on trend for a while, warmer, creamier whites are taking over. Opting for warmer white prevents a room from feeling stark and is ideally paired with hardwood floors for a rustic look. 

Warm white is also a great option when you have darker tile floors. These shades will provide some contrast while making the room still feel comfortable yet elegant. 

#2: Midnight Blue 

Blue is another color that’s been popular in recent years when painting kitchen cabinets. The latest trend is midnight blue. If you want to add some energy to a sterile or boring kitchen, then this color is the answer. 

It can also elevate the look and feel of your kitchen by providing a modern and sophisticated edge. For instance, pair it with brass or gold fixtures that will stand out and shine against a moody blue backdrop.

#3: Sage Green

There’s a new trend called biophilic design and the idea behind it is to bring nature inside. That’s where green comes in. It’s calming, yet still warm, providing a soothing vibe in your kitchen. Depending on the style of your kitchen and your home, you can pair it with a range of metals for the hardware, from matte black for a more modern look to antique bronze for traditional appeal.   

#4: Natural Linen

When you want something that offers a little more depth of color than white, but is warmer than gray, natural linen can provide the perfect solution for painting your kitchen cabinets. This truly neutral tone adds a bit of yellow to warm up the white but doesn’t stray too a color that’s too bright or agressive. As a true neutral, it also pairs with nearly any flooring or counters you have, while bringing dull cabinets to life. 

#5: Warm Brown

Brown is back and with hues that are akin to hot cocoa, you can add a color that complements natural hardwoods, ceramic tiles, and light, creamy countertop. It can even be paired with black elements, whether you have black counters or appliances. It’s time to ditch the old design rule that said you can’t pair brown and black. Brown is a neutral that goes with nearly anything for a rustic, yet refined look.  

#6: Rich Black

Dark and dramatic is the name of the game when painting your kitchen cabinets all-black. When you opt for a shade of black that has deep purple undertones, it will create a sophisticated feel that also adds dimension. It’s romantic and bold, upgrading your cabinets in a big way.

#7: Terracotta

When you’re painting your kitchen cabinets and want to add a warm color that isn’t brown or beige, think terracotta or clay. These earthy hues can infuse life into a kitchen immediately, making it more appealing and inviting. 

At the same time, this rich tone will add color and confidence to any space. Not sure you want all your cabinets this color? Consider it for a kitchen island or built-in desk. It’s a great way to highlight a special detail in your kitchen.

#8: Dusty Rose

If you’re looking for an unexpected color when painting your kitchen cabinets, consider dusty rose. This soft, yet glamorous hue can pair well with elegant finishes, like marble floors and counters, a unique backsplash, and brass or gold hardware. It’s a different way to add some feminine appeal to a room that you want to elevate and make distinct. 

Ready for Professional Help Painting Your Kitchen Cabinets?

At N-Hance®, we can help you take advantage of new color trends in your kitchen. We offer 12 beautiful options to choose from on our palette or can match a different color you have in mind if you bring us a sample. Whatever you color you decide on, your cabinets will be revamped and renewed in a way that is affordable and convenient.

Your cabinets will also be more durable thanks to our methodical approach, products designed for cabinets, and our Lightspeed® light-curing system. This system cures your cabinets in a matter of seconds using UV light and creates a rock-hard surface that can withstand heavy traffic. Your kitchen will be back up and running quickly, with a gorgeous new cabinet color to enjoy.

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