Do you want a bold pop of color, or a warm, soothing aesthetic? These are the kinds of questions you should be asking yourself when you’re painting your kitchen cabinets and choosing a wall color to match. 

You first want to identify the overall look and feel you’d like to achieve in the space, whether it’s simple and clean, rustic and charming, or modern and bright. Other options include whether you want sharp contrasts, like with a black and white finish, or a more monochromatic design.

Answering these questions will serve as a guide while perusing through paint samples for your walls. Some additional tips to match your wall color to your painted cabinets include:

Tip #1: Consider Counters & Backsplash

If you are not going to be replacing the backsplash and counters, these will play a critical role in your decision making process. For instance, if you want to contrast between dark and light – and your kitchen cabinets, counters and backsplash are dark – then painting your walls a lighter color is a great choice. This creates a noticeable contrast and visual interest in the space. However, too much contrast can overwhelm the space. So striking the right balance is key. 

Tip #2: Think Size & Lighting

Other factors you’ll need to account for in your decision making process include the size of your kitchen and the lighting. If you have a smaller kitchen that lacks natural light, then avoid dark or overly bright colors. These can overpower the space and make it feel even smaller. 

If your kitchen has windows, you’ll also want to think about how the paint color on your walls will look during the daytime, with natural light, and at night, with artificial light. To determine this, simply take paint samples home and hang them on the wall, so you can see how the color changes during different times of the day.

Tip #3: Understand Undertones When Painting Kitchen Walls & Cabinets

It’s important to understand undertones and how these can impact the final look of your wall color. This can save you from unwanted surprises once your whole kitchen is painted. 

All colors have an undertone, whether it’s gray, yellow, green or even pink. To figure out the undertone of the paint you’re considering for your kitchen cabinets or walls, look at the darkest or deepest color of the range on your paint strip. This will tell you what the undertone is. If you don’t like brown, for instance, and the deepest color on your paint strip sample is dark brown, then you’ll wind up with a color you don’t like. Avoid this and look for a color with an undertone you do prefer.

Tip #4: Take Inspiration from Mother Nature 

Nature-inspired colors are on trend this year when it comes to painting kitchen cabinets. So, if you’re not sure which color to go with, look to the great outdoors for inspiration. For example, everything from sandy whites to ocean blues and forest greens are great places to start for color inspiration. When you bring some of Mother Nature into your kitchen, you’ll go a long way in creating a soothing, serene space.

Tip #5: Match Your Walls to Your Island

Another popular trend is to paint the cabinets on your kitchen island one color and then the balance of your cabinets a different tone. If you’ve incorporated this look into your space, then match your island and wall color. This will give your kitchen a coordinated, sophisticated look that elevates the space and makes it feel more inviting. 

Tip #6: Stick with a Neutral 

There’s a myth that neutral colors are boring. Instead, neutrals are simply colors that are light or medium-toned and match well with other colors. Neutrals can range from white, cream and ivory to cool blues, warm grays and light greens. If you’re not sure about going bold with your wall color, then stick with a neutral tone and instead liven up your kitchen with bright artwork, designer tablecloths and linens, and other colorful decor. 

Tip #7: Break the Rules When Painting Kitchen Cabinets & Walls

There are certainly best practices and guidelines for painting your kitchen cabinets and walls. However, at the end of the day, the final choice is yours to make and should be in line with your vision and how you intend to use the space. 

If you love to entertain and want an energizing atmosphere, then neutral colors might be a drain. At the same time, if you want to come home to a warm and quiet space at the end of the day, then a bright, bold kitchen can be a turn-off. So think about what your natural style is and use it as your guide.

If you’re still struggling with colors, your best bet is to make sure you hire a professional. They can work with you to help you select a color you love that works well in your unique space. They can even paint sample patches on your kitchen walls, so you can see the paint colors you’re considering directly on the walls in different lights, during various times of the day. This will help you to make your final choice with confidence.

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