Are you ready for an outside-the-box approach in your kitchen? Consider open shelving. This offers a modern look that can open up your space dramatically when combined with complementary cabinetry. The question is, how do you coordinate the two? Here’s what to know from the professional cabinet refinishing experts at N-Hance®:

Consider the Size of Your Kitchen

When you’re looking for the right mix of open shelves and professionally refinished cabinets, it’s important to factor in square footage. If you have a smaller, narrower space, open shelving is a great solution because it’s going to expand the space and make it seem larger. 

In addition, you can add the illusion of even more space when you choose a lighter color for your professionally refinished cabinets. When you opt for stainless steel appliances, as well, this further reflects the light, illuminating your kitchen even more.

Think About Where You Want Open Shelving 

There are many decisions to make when you’re installing open shelves in your kitchen. You can include full cabinets for the base and use open shelving on the top, above the counters. You can also include open shelving on just one wall entirely and keep full cabinets in the rest of your kitchen. This makes a more dramatic impression. 

Another option to consider is creating a pantry feeling with open shelving. This is done by placing open shelving between two sets of closed cabinets. If you’re interested in a design like this, then use the same wood color for both your open shelves and cabinets. This will create a cohesive and classic look. 

Decide on the Type of Open Shelving You Want

When you’re having your cabinets professionally refinished, you have many different colors to choose from. Similarly, when it comes to open shelving, there are some choices to make. 

You can opt for open shelving that attaches to beadboard for a more traditional look. Hung with wrought iron brackets, this can bring some old world charm into your kitchen. 

You can also choose floating shelves that offer a clean, sophisticated aesthetic. Yet another option is to have your cabinets professionally refinished in a neutral color, such as white, then choose bright, bold colors for your open shelving. 

Matching Your Professionally Refinished Cabinets with Open Shelving

When you walk into a kitchen with top and base cabinets that are the same color, it can sometimes seem monotone. However, when you add open shelving to the mix, it gives you the opportunity to create more visual interest. 

In terms of colors or stains to choose for your shelving, it depends on your cabinets. You want to consider an approach that complements and flows well with the color you choose for professional refinishing. If your cabinets will be white, black or neutral, then consider open shelves with some color or go for a rustic wood tone. If your cabinets will have color, consider open shelving that’s more understated. 

Get Design Help from the Professional Cabinet Refinishing Team at N-Hance

Upper cabinets have been the mainstay of most kitchens for decades. For some kitchens, where space is a problem, they’re a must for storage. Likewise, with open shelving, you’re going to have to dust more often and be intentional about what you put on the shelves, so they don’t look cluttered. 

However, if it is a design style you like and are interested in, it’s a great way to add a sense of lightness and openness to your space. It also gives you the perfect spot to display any decorative plates or other accents you’d like to showcase, bringing a more personal touch to your home. 

If you’re interested in getting help with the look and feel of your space, N-Hance® is here for you. We can offer you design tips and recommendations on professional cabinet refinishing colors that will look great in your kitchen. We will bring samples to your home and also give you a cost estimate, so there aren’t any surprises. You’ll get a transformed kitchen in a way that’s simple and stress-free.  

If you’d like to learn more about professional cabinet refinishing, call your local N-Hance at (855) 642-6230 today to set up a FREE design consultation.