Painting your kitchen cabinets sounds like one of those easy DIY projects you can get done over the weekend. But is it really as simple as it sounds? And when should you absolutely not paint your cabinets? 

Here are some commonly asked questions about cabinet painting N-Hance® often gets and our answers to each one.

How Do I Know Which Paint Product to Use?

One consideration is what your current cabinets are made from. The best paint depends on whether they’re natural hardwood, MDF, or laminate. Hardwood is more porous and will absorb paint while paint has a harder time sticking to both MDF and laminate. This makes choosing the right paint important so you don’t end up with chipping or peeling.

When you choose N-Hance, we developed our own proprietary primer and paint – formulated for cabinets – to deliver the best results. You don’t have to spend hours online researching products and trying to figure out what to use to paint your kitchen cabinets. Make one call to our team and we will handle the rest.

Isn’t Painting Kitchen Cabinets Like Wall Painting?

Not really. When you’re painting your walls, there’s some prep work and then you can get down to business and finish the job fairly quickly. Painting your kitchen cabinets, on the other hand, is far different. 

To paint cabinets, the prep work is much more extensive and there is a laundry list of materials you’ll need before you can begin. Plus, you can’t use the same type of paint, such as latex paint, unless you want a job that doesn’t last. So, if you’re not experienced in the process, it’s best to leave the work to  the professionals at N-Hance.

Will Painted Cabinets Go Out of Style?

Not if you choose the right color. Every year, different colors become popular for a while only to be replaced a year or two down the line with a new ‘hot’ color. However, there are certain hues that will never go out of style, like the always-classic white. If you do choose a brighter or bolder color that’s currently in fashion, remember, you can always repaint your cabinets a new color in the future if you feel they’re outdated.

Do Painted Cabinets Chip and Peel?

This is certainly a common concern, which is why hiring the professionals at N-Hance is always a smart move. We will ensure your cabinets are properly prepped and use materials and equipment you won’t be able to find at a retail store (like our Lightspeed® Nano UV system that instantly cures your cabinets). The end result is one that will last longer – without chipping and peeling – than if you do it yourself or hire the cheapest contractor. 

How Long Does it Take to Paint Kitchen Cabinets?

If you handle the job on your own, it can take quite a bit of time. Plus, you’ll have to create a makeshift kitchen to use during the process. 

With N-Hance, we can complete the project in just a few days with less disruption. In fact, we will remove your cabinet doors and drawer fronts, so we can work on them at our shop. This means we’re not in your way and you can use your kitchen in the midst of the project. The only time you won’t be able to use your kitchen is when we’re painting the kitchen cabinet boxes and when we’re reinstalling your newly painted doors and drawer fronts.

Should I Paint My Kitchen Cabinets or Just Replace Them?

This depends on many factors. If you’d like the most bang for your buck, kitchen cabinet painting is the way to go. It costs just a small fraction of what a complete replacement does. Plus, the turnaround time is much faster, so there’s minimal disruption to your life. 

However, the one instance when you should consider replacing is when your cabinets are no longer structurally sound. If they’re outdated or scuffed and scratched, this can be easily dealt with through kitchen cabinet painting. But if they’re buckling or if the layout of your kitchen doesn’t work for you and your lifestyle, then painting is simply delaying the inevitable. In these cases, consider replacing your cabinets instead. 

What Does the N-Hance Kitchen Cabinet Painting Process Entail?

Surface preparation should never be an afterthought and is actually the most important part of the job. It’s why we’re so meticulous in our approach, even using our own proprietary cleaning solution to remove dirt, dust, grime, grease, and fingerprints. We’ll also repair any minor damage, such as scratches or dents so that the final finish looks flawless.

Once your cabinets are thoroughly prepped, we then prime them, again using our own proprietary primer formulated especially for cabinets. This is key since you need a primer that blocks out stains and bleed-through and also creates the ideal surface for the paint to adhere to. If your paint doesn’t adhere well to cabinets, it will wear away with cleaning and frequent use.

Next, we will paint your kitchen cabinets the color of your choosing using our state-of-the-art spraying equipment. We offer 12 beautiful hues to choose from on our palette. We can also mix a custom color for you if you bring us a sample. 

Whatever color you choose, our paints are made for cabinets, using a water-based polyurethane base, combined with acrylic tinting formulas. This results in a finish that is more resilient when compared to latex paint. Thanks to our spraying equipment, you’ll get a smooth, even, factory-like finish without brush strokes, drip marks, or other imperfections. 

Finally, we apply our topcoat and then use our Lightspeed UV system to instantly cure your cabinets. There are no waiting hours or days for the paint to fully dry. Our turnaround time is, therefore, shorter, while providing a rock-hard finish.

Ready to find out more about our approach to painting kitchen cabinets? N-Hance can renew your cabinets and beautify your kitchen with our unique process. Call (855) 642-6230 to set up a FREE consultation.