When you reface cabinets, you’re not simply changing the style of your cabinet doors. You’re also updating the color and finish of your cabinets. Even if you choose to keep the original color, you’ll need to carefully refinish the cabinet boxes to make sure that the doors and boxes match. So, you’ll want to think carefully about these issues before refacing kitchen cabinets.

To achieve the right look, you’ll want to consider questions like:

  • What color scheme will look best in my kitchen?
  • Do I want a natural look or visible wood grain on my cabinets?
  • Will my cabinets need a specialized technique, like an antiqued or distressed finish?
  • How will the topcoat affect the appearance of my cabinets?

At the same time, you’ll need to think about the products and techniques used on your project. Different recoloring and refinishing products offer different levels of longevity and durability. The same can be said of techniques used to reface cabinets. For example, if you reface cabinets using veneers, that could prevent future resurfacing.

This might sound like a lot to deal with. To make things a little simpler, let’s take a quick, step-by-step look at how to choose the right color and finish when you reface cabinets.

Choosing How to Recolor & Reface Cabinets

When you’re refacing kitchen cabinets, the first think you’ll want to consider is the type refacing service you’ll be hiring.

Some contractors reface cabinets by installing freshly painted doors, then painting the boxes to match. This means your cabinets will need to be painted a solid color, without the option of a natural wood appearance. What’s more, these painters typically use latex-based paints. Latex paint will cover up the wood grain, and it wears out quickly on kitchen cabinets.

Other contractors reface cabinets using veneers. First, they install cabinet doors with wood or thermofoil veneers. Then, they apply matching veneers to the cabinet boxes. Unfortunately, veneers are prone to damage, hard to repair, and can’t be uninstalled from cabinet boxes. To remove the veneers, you need to remove the cabinet boxes.

Finally, there are services like N-Hance®. At N-Hance, we don’t reface cabinets using typical methods. Instead, we replace the cabinet doors and apply a matching color finish to the cabinet boxes. Our custom cabinet finishes boast a number of advantages over paints and veneers.

  • Unlike latex paints, our custom colors can be used for a natural wood stain or a “washed” appearance that retains the wood grain.
  • N-Hance custom colors are specially formulated for kitchen cabinets, making them more resilient than latex paints.
  • Our custom color finishes are more resilient and easier to repair than many veneers.
  • Unlike veneers, our custom colors don’t prevent you from resurfacing or recoloring your cabinets in the future.

Selecting a Color, Style & Finish for Cabinets

Once you’ve settled on the technique for refacing kitchen cabinets, you’ll need to go about choosing the right color, style, and finish.

Let’s assume you’re using N-Hance to reface cabinets, since that gives you a much more extensive range of options. Here are the five biggest decisions that you’ll need to make.

  • Natural vs. Color. Do you prefer the look of natural wood? Or would you prefer a colored finish, such as white, gray, or a pastel tone?
  • Color Scheme. What kind of wood stain or color finish will look best in your kitchen? How will your cabinets look in conjunction with your counters, walls, backsplash, and hardware?
  • Opacity of Finish. If you’re choosing a colored finish for your cabinets, do you want the wood grain to show through? If so, how visible should the grain be?
  • Finish Techniques. Would you prefer a standard finish? Or do you want to give your cabinets a unique look by applying a glazed, antique, or torched finish technique?
  • Topcoat Finish. What style of topcoat finish do you want for your cabinets? Matte? Satin? Gloss? Semi-gloss? How will different topcoats interact with your kitchen’s lighting?

If that seems like a lot to decide, simply contact your local N-Hance. We regularly consult with homeowners getting ready to reface cabinets, and we can offer expert advice on colors and finishes. We also happily provide color and finish samples during the planning stages of cabinet door replacement projects.

Contact your local N-Hance today for tips on how to choose the right color and finish when you reface cabinets. Call (855) 642-6230 today for more information and to request a FREE estimate.