With autumn in full swing, there’s a chill in the air. Inside, you want your kitchen to feel warm and cozy, offsetting the weather outside. If your space is less-than-inviting, cold, or stark, how can you transform it without taking money from your holiday gift-buying budget? The answer’s easy when you reface cabinets.

Why Reface Cabinets Instead of Renovate?

There is a long list of reasons to consider refacing your cabinets rather than renovating them. For many homeowners, though, the most cited one is cost. When you choose to reface, instead of replace cabinets, it’s just a fraction of the cost of a total renovation. In fact, according to HomeAdvisor.com, the price tag to reface comes in at 30% to 50% lower than replacing. 

The final price of your project obviously depends on the size of your kitchen, your design selections, and your location. However, it’s the time of the year when even a little extra money can come in handy. You can get cabinets that look brand new, while keeping your holiday budget intact when you reface instead of replace. 

At the same time, the turnaround is faster when you reface your cabinets. While the process of tearing out and replacing your cabinets can last weeks, refacing them takes around five days. There’s less disruption to your life and less mess to clean up. As a result, you’ll be up and running before the holiday season, so you can enjoy celebrating in your new space. 

Finally, choosing to reface your cabinets instead of replacing them is easier on the environment. As long as your cabinet boxes are structurally sound, they’ll be reused, repaired, if needed, and then painted or stained to match your new doors and drawer fronts. The boxes won’t end up in a landfill as they would with a total renovation. In addition, fewer trees and fossil fuels will be used in the manufacturing and transportation process.

4 Ways to Add Warmth to Your Kitchen Cabinets When You Reface

Now that you know the many reasons to reface instead of replace your cabinets, how do you choose the right look? If you want to add autumn warmth to a cold kitchen, refacing offers endless options to consider. Here are a few ways to use the fall season as inspiration when you’re making selections surrounding your cabinet reface project:

#1: Don’t Assume Brown is Boring 

When most people think of brown, they don’t typically get excited about color options. However, there are many shades of that are rich and earthy, enabling you to add a touch of autumn appeal inside your home. Some color inspirations to take from fall include warm chocolate, dramatic espresso, rich cinnamon, or a light golden brown. 

#2: Take the Rustic Road

If you have hardwood cabinets boxes, instead of those made from MDF, you can get new doors and drawer fronts that are stained instead of painted. The boxes will then be stained the same color, providing a seamless look. 

Staining still provides many different options. For instance, there are a range of woods to choose from that come in various shades, grains, and densities. Whatever your final selection, the wood grain and stain will create a more natural, rustic appeal, one that instantly warms up your kitchen. 

#3: Get Inspired By Fall Foliage 

When it comes to fall leaves, red ones are often the most dramatic. If you’re looking to take inspiration from them in your kitchen, you can do so with many different shades of the color, like cherry or dark red, or even variations, such as burgundy, wine or eggplant. If you do choose a bold color, though, make sure you’re balancing it out with more neutral choices when it comes to countertops, backsplash tiles, flooring, and wall paint. 

#4: Add Spice With Neutrals

If you want to take a more neutral approach, white, cream or ivory are always a good choice. You can warm up your kitchen and add pops of color with autumn decor. Whether you choose to decorate with yellow wreaths, red apples, or orange pumpkins, all these colors will stand out beautifully against crisp white or creamy cabinets.

Get Design Advice from Our Cabinet Refacing Experts 

Clearly, there are many options to choose from when you’re planning to reface your cabinets. If you’re uncertain about the design direction to head in, N-Hance® can help. We’ll start by discussing your vision, preferences and overall style, giving us a sense of what you like most. We’ll also talk about your kitchen space and home aesthetic overall, so we’re able to make recommendations that will flow well within it. 

Some of the different options you’ll have when you choose N-Hance to reface your cabinets include:

  • The door and drawer front profile
  • The paint or stain color
  • The hardware, both inside and outside the cabinets

We can also use finishing techniques, like glazing or antiquing, to further add warmth and charm to your kitchen. 

Whatever you decide, when you work with N-Hance, there won’t be any surprises. You’ll have details, information, and costs about all the possibilities, upfront, providing you with the confidence to move ahead and take inspiration from the autumn season.  

If you’re ready to bring your fall vision to life and reface cabinets in your kitchen, call your local N-Hance at (855) 642-6230 today for a FREE estimate.