It’s a New Year and you want to give your kitchen a fresh face. But after a busy holiday season, undertaking such a project might sound unappealing. The good news? At N-Hance®, we make it easy with our service for refacing kitchen cabinets.

In fact, if you choose our team for refacing your kitchen cabinets – instead of completely replacing them – you’ll benefit in a variety of ways. Here are just a few reasons to consider us.

7 Reasons We’re a Top Choice for Refacing Kitchen Cabinets

Reason #1: We’re More Affordable

You don’t want your kitchen looking dated and worn. Yet, you just got through the most expensive time of the year – the holidays – so you don’t have a lot of extra cash lying around. With our approach to cabinet refacing, you can give your kitchen a big update on a smaller budget. Our service costs just a fraction of what a total kitchen remodel does, making it the more budget-friendly choice. 

Reason #2: We’re Faster & More Convenient

When you think about making changes to your kitchen, a big mess likely comes to mind. But, at N-Hance,  our process is faster, less messy, and more convenient for you. Some projects can even take as little as one day; while most take around half the time as a traditional refacing job. 

With a traditional refacing job, your kitchen might not be usable for an extended period of time. However, with our Lightspeed® Nano Instant-Cure Wood Refinishing process, we can instantly cure your cabinets and we don’t leave behind any dust in the process. This means a more efficient process, one that’s healthier for your family.

Reason #3: We Offer a Durable, Longer-Lasting Product

If you repaint your cabinets quickly or choose a cheap veneer, it can impact the overall lifespan of the cabinet. They won’t stand up to daily wear and tear, whether from water, grease, handprints, or just daily usage. Scratches, discoloration, and scruffs can appear faster than you’d expect with these methods. 

When you chose N-Hance for refacing kitchen cabinets, you don’t need to worry about longevity. You’ll enjoy the same durability and lifespan as you’d find with a high-quality, factory-finished product.

We also offer a Clean and Recoat process to further extend the look of your cabinets, so they’re beautiful for even longer. Not only that, but our approach has undergone stringent testing and earned high marks for lasting performance. 

Reason #4: We Offer Endless Options

Whether you like a more traditional look or want something that’s modern and sleek, we offer a variety of refacing options to choose from, ranging from classic, flat panels to shaker style and more. We also offer hundreds of custom color finishes, so you can find the exact right look for your unique kitchen. For further enhancement, we even have glazed, antiqued, and other accenting options. 

If you’re not sure what to pick, you don’t have to worry. Our design specialists will help you during this process, walking you through every aspect of your project and providing expert guidance and recommendations for styles and colors along the way. We’ll even provide samples of all the colors, styles, and finishes you’re interested in, so you can view them up-close, minimizing the chance for any unwanted surprises. 

Reason #5: Our Results Can Boost Home Value 

Whether you’re planning to sell your home in the near future or you’re staying there for the next 30 years, you can get an excellent return on investment with our kitchen cabinet refacing process. 

According to Consumer Reports, kitchen remodels are one of the wisest ways to spend money on your home, adding anywhere between 3% and 7% to the overall value. Since our approach costs a fraction of a traditional remodel, your budget can go even further. You can therefore upgrade lighting, hire professional painters, or refinish your floors

Reason #6: We Respect the Environment in All We Do

At N-Hance, the environment is always one of our top concerns in every project we take on. With our kitchen cabinet refacing service, it’s no different. You can rest confidently knowing that you’ve chosen a company that’s committed to the health of our planet. 

For instance, while many providers use products from wood harvested in an unsustainable manner, we only use what’s already been harvested or done so in a sustainable way. This approach conserves valuable wood, as well as fossil fuels. 

At the same time, we use high-performance, water-based polyurethane finishes that are comprised of fewer Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). This is better for your family – thanks to less indoor air pollution – and our ozone layer. 

Reason #7: You’ll Get Kitchen Cabinets You Love

At the end of the day, N-Hance wants to deliver a product that our customers love. We’re dedicated to high-quality in all we do, making a stunning impact in your kitchen and your home. Even better, when N-Hance handles your kitchen cabinet refacing project, you’ll get the best of both worlds: more beauty with better value. 

Learn more about N-Hance’s approach to refacing kitchen cabinets – and the many advantages you’ll get with it – by calling us today at (855) 642-6230 for a FREE estimate!