Want a big cabinet makeover on a small budget? Refinish your cabinets with N-Hance®. We can completely transform dated, dingy, damaged-looking cabinets and make them look brand new. 

In the process, we offer convenient, affordable, less disruptive services to your family. This means you can get back into your space, faster, and achieve like-new cabinets, all at a cost that works for you.

Whether you’d like cabinets refinished in your kitchen, bathroom, finished basement, or even a home office, we’ve got your needs covered with an innovative, one-of-a-kind approach. With it, you’ll enjoy a range of advantages, including the following.

The Benefits of Cabinet Refinishing by N-Hance

Your cabinets take a beating every day. Whether you have a large family or entertain often, they are one of the most-used items in your home – and can start to look it, as a result. 

They’re also one of the largest and most visible items making them an eyesore if they don’t look great. If you don’t love the cabinets you currently have because they look worn-out and faded, it can impact your home’s appeal and your quality of life within it.

The good news? If your cabinets are cringe-worthy, N-Hance can help. We are the team trusted for total cabinet transformations with our refinishing services. In the process, we even use products that are exclusive to our company and specially designed to withstand the daily wear and tear cabinets experience.

Combined with our unique approach, we can ensure a higher-quality end result when compared to traditional cabinet refinishing services, along with:

A Lower Cost 

Refinishing your cabinets is a simple way to upgrade your home that doesn’t take a huge bite out of your budget. In fact, our cabinet refinishing services cost a fraction of painting, refacing or replacing your cabinets. Even better? If you have money left over, you can invest it in other areas, like new appliances, a new kitchen table, or refinishing your hardwood floors

A Shorter Timeline 

Refinishing your cabinets with N-Hance takes around 3-5 days, depending on the size of the space, the number of cabinets you have, and their condition. We’re able to deliver a faster turnaround thanks to our Lightspeed® system. It uses ultraviolet light curing technology to seal in a long-lasting, hardened finish – in a matter of seconds. This minimizes downtime and disruption for your family. 

Impeccable Results 

When you hire N-Hance to refinish your cabinets, your final results will be flawless and beautiful. Our experienced team can repair any scratches, dents, or imperfections before refinishing, providing a smooth, even surface. Once we refinish your cabinets, they’ll be rock-hard and protected with proprietary products made to withstand heavy-duty wear and tear. 

There’s More…

With N-Hance, you can even opt for specialty techniques, like glazing or antiquing. These options make it easy to personalize your space and add a special accent that elevates the style in a way that still fits your budget. 

You can also choose from different sheens depending on the look and feel you want to achieve, from matte to semi- to high-gloss. Once you add new hardware, like pulls and knobs, your cabinets will be totally transformed and on-trend. 

To make your cabinets more functional, we can install soft-close hinges, so your cabinets close quietly and slowly. You can even upgrade to a wine rack or a pull-out garbage and recycle bin drawer. Just ask about the many options we offer. You’ll get the beauty, durability, and functionality you’ve been dreaming of with N-Hance. 

Are Your Cabinets a Good Candidate for Refinishing?

Most cabinets are, however, there are a few instances where you might want to go in a different direction. For example, if you don’t like the layout of your kitchen or bathroom, then cabinet refinishing won’t do anything to change that. You’re better off saving your money and investing it in a total renovation, so you can get the space you truly want.

Likewise, if your cabinets are not structurally sound, then refinishing them isn’t going to do much good. Red flags include doors that won’t open and close correctly no matter how much you adjust the hinges or water damage that is causing the wood to buckle or swell. In these cases, you’ll eventually need to replace your cabinets anyway, so refinishing isn’t a solid investment.

However, even if your cabinets are completely dated, dinged-up or dull-looking, as long as they are structurally sound, we can give them a complete makeover. They will look fresh, shiny, and beautiful in a way that will surprise you. 

Just read some of the reviews we’re received from our many happy customers about the difference we’ve made in their homes. Then call us for your cabinet upgrade!

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