When you walk into your kitchen, how does it make you feel? If the cabinets aren’t your style, it can actually impact your mood. You might avoid spending time in the space and even feel less energetic when you are there. The good news is that by refinishing your kitchen cabinets, you can turn the situation around and get a space that not only looks brand new, but also boosts your mood. Here’s how.

The Power of Color in Your Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Project

Color psychology studies how different hues impact human behavior. Through it, it’s been shown that certain colors influence perceptions, such as our appetite and the taste of food. It can also evoke certain emotions, ranging from warmth and comfort to anger and hostility. 

When it comes to your kitchen, you obviously want a color that creates the kind of space you love walking into. It can be darker, cozier and more dramatic, or light, bright and filled with good energy. The choice is yours and there are many to consider, including these mood-boosting colors:

Go Green

Green is a great color to choose because it evokes a sense of nature and new beginnings. It also represents prosperity and can help to reduce anxiety. It’s known as a restful color, one that can be calming, mind-clearing, and restorative. 

There are many different shades of green to choose from when considering this color for your kitchen cabinet refinishing project. In darker or richer hues, like sage or forest green, it can be soothing and inspire balance. Cooler shades of green, such as mint or pistachio, can make a kitchen feel light and airy. Others to consider include olive and seaweed. 

Don’t Be Blue

While we tend to associate blue with sadness, it can actually be sensational in a kitchen. Blue feels light, tranquil and brings a sense of harmony to any space. Deep blue colors, like navy, are more formal and elegant, while lighter blues are peaceful. In fact, navy is a big trend in kitchen designs right now. It’s a practical shade that’s bold yet still a neutral, meshing well in many spaces. 

Some other options for blue when you’re refinishing your kitchen cabinets include cyan, cobalt, pastel blue, and charcoal blue. Whichever you choose, blue is a calming color that will make you feel centered and relaxed. It’s even been proven to lower blood pressure, steady breathing, and clear the mind. 

Hello Yellow

Yellow is a sunny, stimulating color that can leave you feeling joyful. Not only can it brighten your mood, but also boost your energy. It can even bring a sense of mental clarity and help to stimulate and promote socialization and conversation. 

That’s why it’s a great color choice for your kitchen, whether for your cabinet refinishing project or as an accent color. You can add a fruity twist to your kitchen by refinishing cabinets in a light banana shade. If you’re opting for something more subtle, consider a creamy white with a yellow undertone.

Red is the Rage 

This color is typically associated with anger. However, it’s actually a stimulating hue that can also feel bold and confident. The color red ignites deep passion and even promotes a stronger appetite. If you love to cook, gather and eat in your kitchen – and want to make a statement in the space – then red is certainly one color to consider. Just make sure you balance it out with some neutral, calming colors, as well. 

Lavender Looks Lovely

Lavender is another unique color to consider for your kitchen cabinet refinishing project. In the purple family, it creates a sense of richness and luxury. It’s also a more whimsical and romantic color, one that can be light, relaxing, and calming in the kitchen. It looks good in a range of different kitchens, from the more minimalist, modern one to French country spaces and more. 

If your preferences don’t lean toward bright colors for your cabinets, then you can achieve many of the same mood-boosting effects with accent colors in your space. Consider cabinets that are white, cream, gray, or black and pair them with area rugs, wall paint, or decor in a mood-boosting color you love. It’s just another way to enjoy a pop of color without making as much of a commitment.

Whatever you choose in terms of color, N-Hance® is here to help. We offer kitchen cabinet refinishing services that can take old, dated, worn-out cabinets and completely transform them. They’ll look brand new and better fit your style, giving you a space you’ll love. 

We offer an array of standard color options to choose from, ranging from white to blue to black. If your standard colors don’t feel just right, we can also color match any sample you bring to us ensuring you’ll get the exact shade you desire.

If you’d like to learn more about how you can make a big change in your home – and your mood – by refinishing kitchen cabinets, call your local N-Hance at (855) 642-6230 today to set up a FREE design consultation.