It is now October and time to start thinking about the holiday season

The trees are changing colors and the temperature is dropping. Soon the family will be coming over and gathering inside. This is the perfect time to make sure your kitchen looks in tip top condition for the holidays. Nationwide our N-Hance business owners are preparing to help you get your kitchens in the best condition for the holidays.

Our Cabinet Renewal is perfect if you love the color of your kitchen cabinets but they just need a new coat of finish. If you would like a slight change in color we can do a Cabinet Color Shift, or we can do a Color Change if you would like a completely new color. If you would prefer a painted look we can do that as well with our Custom Colors. You can have your cabinets any color you want and there is no need to paint your cabinets yourself.

Just recently we started offering Granite Renewal.  It is the perfect solution for dull or dingy countertops. In a few hours we can clean, seal and polish your granite to protect it for years to come. Sealing your granite is important to help protect it from staining. Granite is porous, and sealing helps minimize liquids such as grape juice or wine from staining it.

Give us a call for a FREE in-home estimate at 855-642-6230,or visit our webpage at www.nhance.comfor more information. We would love to renew your cabinets and granite!