When you think of an Italian kitchen, you can hear the wine pouring, smell the bread baking, and feel the warmth of family surrounding you. But to bring that vision to life in your own kitchen, you need more than good food and wine. You must also choose the right color when repainting your kitchen cabinets. Then you’ll want to add authentic finishes and decorative touches. 

Here’s how to achieve the kitchen of your Italian-inspired dreams.

Popular Italian-Inspired Colors for Repainting Your Kitchen Cabinets 

When you want to bring Italy into your kitchen, think warm and rustic. This includes natural materials, like wood and stone, that reflect the Italian countryside. You will also want to choose a color palette that is rich, warm, and relaxing, such as burnt orange and terra-cotta, soothing yellows or golds, and other inviting yet luxurious colors. 

Italian-styled kitchens should also give off a well-loved feel, not a sleek, shiny, sophisticated one. The prevailing sensibility should be one dedicated to cozy comfort with a touch of elegance. To infuse your kitchen with touches of Italy, some colors to consider when you’re repainting your kitchen cabinets include:

Yellows and Golds

Bring in the abundant sunshine of the Italian countryside by repainting your kitchen cabinets sun-warmed yellow or a buttery gold tone. The rest of your kitchen should feature neutral elements like natural hardwood floors and countertops made of cream quartz or gold-veined marble.


When you want the old-world elegance of a traditional Italian kitchen, another color to consider when repainting your kitchen cabinets is terra-cotta or similar hues like burnt orange. These colors invoke the style and feel of the Italian culture and, to further elevate the look, you can even add in pops of Mediterranean blue. 

Natural Hardwood

If you have hardwood kitchen cabinets in good condition, bring out their natural shine and luster by staining them instead of repainting them. This is another way to infuse the warmth and heartiness that is part of the Italian culture into your kitchen. 

Stained cabinets also provide a neutral backdrop that pairs well with many types of backsplashes, countertops, and flooring options. When you’re choosing a stain color, opt for an earthy tone like warm brown. 

Distressed or Antique Finish 

When choosing an authentic color to repaint your kitchen cabinets, you should also opt for a distressed or antiqued finish. Paint your cabinets a neutral, warm color like ivory, cream, or even sage or olive green, and then add additional charm and visual appeal with distressing or antiquing. These techniques also help capture the lived-in, well-loved vibe that is essential to an Italian-inspired kitchen. 

Styling Ideas for Your Italian-Inspired Kitchen

Beyond repainting your cabinets, there are countless other ways to add Italian flair to your kitchen. This includes:

  • A tile backsplash: A tiled backsplash that incorporates a lively flourish, terra-cotta, or a mosaic tile is a welcome addition to any Italian-style kitchen. 
  • Lighting: For the lighting, consider a wrought iron chandelier over the table and wall sconces to add a warm glow and old-world charm. 
  • Decor: Choose evocative decorative items, like clay pots and colorfully painted dishes, or a copper range hood and copper farmhouse sink to further evoke an Italian feel in your home. 
  • Natural elements: Bring the natural world indoors by growing fresh Italian herbs, like basil and parsley, on your window sill, and adding a vase of sunflowers on the island counter.
  • Floors and ceiling: For the floors, materials like hardwood, tile, or stone will complement your Italian-inspired kitchen. Exposed wood beams on the ceiling will also add an antique touch. 
  • Furniture: The furniture should be hardwood and natural, while also being rustic and relaxed. For example, create a casual ambiance in your space by adding a long wooden table with benches for plenty of seating. 

Ready to Bring a Touch of Italy Into Your Home?

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