Thinking about replacing your kitchen cabinet doors? Unsure whether to move forward with a cabinet door replacement? If so, you’re in a spot familiar to many N-Hance® customers.

Maybe you’re on the fence about remodeling your cabinets. Or maybe you’re trying to choose between refinishing, recoloring, or replacing your cabinet doors.

In either case, you shouldn’t have to spend months agonizing over your decision. To help you decide a little more quickly, here are 5 signs that your kitchen deserves a cabinet door replacement.

When to Get Serious About Cabinet Door Replacement

1. You Avoid Showing Your Kitchen to Friends & Family

Cabinets take up ton of visual real estate in kitchens. If your cabinet doors are badly dated, there’s no easy way to mask or distract from this fact. A new finish or a fresh coat of paint might help, but that won’t fix the style of your cabinet doors.

So, if you find that you’re embarrassed by your kitchen, or you avoid showing it off to family and friends, outdated cabinet doors could be a big reason why. A cabinet door replacement will give you a kitchen you can be proud to show off.

2. You’re Forcing Decor to Fit Your Cabinets

Because they’re so visually prominent, cabinets set the tone for your kitchen. So, when you’re decorating a kitchen, you need to coordinate around your kitchen cabinets. If you try to shoehorn ultra-modern decor into a kitchen with traditional cabinets, the two styles will typically clash.

As a result, many homeowners with older cabinets end up buying matching decor they don’t particularly like. But with a cabinet door replacement, you can create a cohesive look that’s attuned to your personal style.

3. Your Cabinet Doors Are Badly Damaged

Cabinet refinishing can fix mild to moderate cabinet damage. But there are certain types of damage that call for a cabinet door replacement. Cabinet doors will need to be replaced if they’re suffering from major cracks, water damage, or dry rot, just to give a few examples.

In cases of widespread damage, you might also need to replace your cabinet boxes and frames. This is particularly true of water damage, dry rot, black mold, and termite damage. Any areas affected by these types of damage need to be removed and replaced ASAP.

4. You’re Remodeling Other Parts of Your Kitchen

If you’re remodeling other parts of your kitchen, it’s worth thinking about a cabinet door replacement. By leaving your existing cabinet doors in place, you’ll restrict what you can do in other parts of your kitchen. But by replacing your cabinet doors, you’ll give yourself a lot more freedom on your remodel.

Want new counters? Changing your backsplash? Adding a brand-new kitchen island? If you keep your old cabinet doors, you’ll have to match these features to outdated cabinetry. With new ones, you can update your kitchen however you please.

5. You Catch Yourself Daydreaming About New Cabinets

If you’re already daydreaming about what your new cabinet doors will look like, that’s as strong a sign as any that it’s time for a cabinet door replacement.

Maybe you find yourself dreaming of a remodeled kitchen every time you’re cooking dinner or doing the dishes. Maybe you spend half an hour each evening scrolling through Instagram feeds of dream kitchens. Or maybe you can’t help but look at other people’s cabinets and think how nice they’d look in your kitchen.

Whatever the case, if you can’t stop dreaming of how much nicer your kitchen would look with new cabinet doors, it’s probably time to make that dream a reality.

The easiest way to do that? Call the team at your local N-Hance and learn more about our cabinet door replacement service.

N-Hance offers a quick and highly affordable way to replace older cabinet doors in a brand-new style. We provide a wide array of cabinet door styles to choose from, plus a full spectrum of custom color options. Our cabinet door replacement service also avoids the use of thermofoil and wood veneers. This way, we steer clear of problems linked with traditional cabinet refacing.

Learn more about our cabinet door replacement service and request a FREE estimate from your local N-Hance by calling (855) 642-6230 today.