Getting ready for a yard sale takes a lot of work.

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Often times advertising for the sale gets put on the backburner. Taking a few extra minutes to make signs and putting ads in your local paper or online listings can make your sale very successful.



More signs are generally better than less signs. The last thing you want to hear at your yard sale is for your buyers to tell you they had trouble finding you. Signs in key traffic areas with your street name and the date are a must. Directional signs on the date of the sale help as well. Don’t forget to put that it is for a yard sale!


Is it worth advertising in your local paper?  You bet!  Also, most newspapers now offer the listings online for FREE!  Most people that look for yard sale treasures still look in the paper or online.


Don’t list everything you have for sale. The newspaper charges you more for how long your ad is.
Don’t list directions. Just list your address.


Find out the deadlines for getting your ad published.
Advertise in your local newspapers.
Use Craigslist or any similar service. This is a great place to put pictures and list everything!
Mention if it is a Multi-family sale or if it is a neighborhood sale. More people come if they know there is more than one family having a sale.
List high end items, antiques and popular brands.
List the day, time and your address.
Check out your competition. See what other yard sales are happening in your area, and see what other people are saying to catch YOUR attention!