You know your cabinets could use a boost. They’re peeling, chipped and worn out, not to mention dated. But you don’t have a big budget for a renovation, especially one that could cost well into the thousands. Is cabinet painting the answer for you?

It depends on the service you hire. For instance, with traditional cabinet painting companies, there are a few drawbacks to keep in mind, including:

  • The paint. Latex-based paints, which are designed for walls, are often used in cabinet painting. However, latex-based paints are not designed environments that experience heavy wear and tear and high foot traffic, like kitchen and bathroom cabinets. 
  • The downtime. Projects often take several weeks from start to finish; in fact, drying time alone can last anywhere from seven to 10 days. This means there’s more downtime and interruption for you and your family.
  • The safety. The products used with traditional cabinet painting often have higher volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are chemicals released that can cause damage to the environment, specifically the earth’s ozone layer, as well as your family’s health.
  • The end result. The standard approach to painting cabinets usually means a less-than-flawless finish, with streaks and drips that can take away from the quality and beauty of the final end product.  

Those are just a few reasons why traditional painting can be a problem. It’s also why so many homeowners buck tradition and hire the experts at N-Hance® for cabinet painting instead. 

Advantages to Using N-Hance

Our approach offers many advantages thanks to:

Our Cleaning & Priming Process

Whether they’re covered with fingerprints and smudges, or have years of oil and grease buildup on them, cabinets get dirty. As a result, paint won’t properly adhere to the surface unless they’re thoroughly cleaned. 

You never have to worry about that with N-Hance. In fact, we use a solution that is proprietary to our company and thoroughly cleans every inch of your cabinets, removing any contaminants, and ensuring the best painting quality possible.

Not only that, but we also use a specially designed product to prime your cabinets before we paint them. It’s been specifically created for use in kitchens and bathrooms where foot traffic is high. While other painters use traditional primers made for walls, our primer is built to block out stains and stop bleed throughs that can be common with cabinet painting projects. 

Our Cabinet Painting Products 

Whether they’re in your kitchen or your bathroom, cabinets get a lot of use. What’s more, they’re exposed to moisture, water, grease, oils, and more. In order to stand up to everyday use, they must be painted with the right product.

If you hire a traditional cabinet painting company, they’ll often use latex-based paint, as stated above. While great for walls, this type of paint does not have the durability to stand up to the touching, smudging, scratching, and other heavy use cabinets are exposed to.

This is why, at N-Hance, we use an acrylic polyurethane blend that is mixed with your chosen color; one designed to last. In fact, the paint we use is resistant to chips, stains, peeling, and more, providing you with beauty today and well into the future.

In addition, the way we apply our paint results in a factory-like finish. We don’t use brushes like traditional painters often do, which can leave behind ugly drips and strokes. Instead, with our approach, your cabinet finish will be completely smooth and flawless, all while being durable. 

Our State-of-the-Art Curing Technology

When you hire N-Hance for your cabinet painting project, you can take advantage of our leading-edge Lightspeed® Nano system. With it, we’ll first deliver an industrial-strength, clear top-coat to your cabinets after the color has been applied. We’ll then cure them using this U.V. system, which dries them instantly. As a result, you’ll get a rock-hard finish, faster, so you and your family can get back to your normal routine. 

Endless, Colorful Options

With N-Hance, you’ll also get endless color options to choose from. Whether you want a small adjustment to freshen up your cabinet finish or a major custom color change, we offer a range of different choices to consider. We can even use various finishing techniques, like glazing, torching, and antiquing, that can add further customization and charm. With N-Hance, you can truly make your cabinets your own, all in a way that’s high-quality, affordable, and efficient. 

With cabinet painting from N-Hance, you can get your dream cabinets with minimal downtime and at a cost you can afford. Call your local N-Hance at (855) 642-6230 today for a FREE estimate.